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Ballet Terminology and Technique Quiz

Multiple choice basic terminology quiz

Rebecca Mercer

on 23 February 2011

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Transcript of Ballet Terminology and Technique Quiz

Ballet Terminology & Technique Quiz There wil be 10 questions in total, some multiple choice.

Don't Panic - HERE WE GO! Question 1:

What does the term Pas de Chat mean?

A) Step hop
B) Step of the Cat
C) Step of the Horse Question 2:

Look at the dancer in the picture is she performing a:

A) Grand Plié
B) Relevé
C) Demi Plié Question 3:

How many BASIC positions of the feet are there? Question 4:

Look at the picture of the dancer.

Is there anything wrong with her technique?
Explain your answer! Question 5:

What does the term Frappé mean?

A) To the front
B) To Melt
C) To Strike

HALF WAY! Question 6:

Look at the video clip Question 6 continued:

Did the dancer perform a:

A) Pas de Bourrée
B) Port de Bras
C) Rond de Jambe Question 7:

What does the term Glissade mean?

A) To Glide
B) To Gallop
C) To Breeze Question 8:

When performing a Pirouette. Typically, is the picked up leg placed:


the supporting leg? Question 9:

Look at the picture.
What position are the dancers feet in?

LAST ONE Question 10:

What does the term Balancé mean?

A) To be balanced
B) A waltz step
C) To be bold Fin
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