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The role of social media

Industry’s and NGO‘s use of social media

Lauri Beekmann

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of The role of social media

The role of social media
Lauri Beekmann
Estonian Temperance Union

Social media has changed the advertising world
Now its something people are sharing and recommending to their friends
Bad ads are even more dangerous as you are letting your guard down.
Earlier you had to fit into specific demographic to be exposed to alcohol advertising.
Something ridiculous becomes famous and starts influencing different industries
Angry Birds came from Finland and made a record among ads.
It used to be a boring thing between the show you wanted to watch
An NGO - Fragile Childhood - is responding, also from Finland.
No need to pay for TV air. Its getting to people for free
Robert Heath, former advertising strategist. BBC The Forum
Now, you just have to be friends with someone.
Spreading our message through social media activates those people and sometimes even masses who otherwise would´nt bother to speak up.
Friends suggestion - to an article, clip or an idea - could be like an endorsement
We are not attracting millions, "monsters" is an exeption, but it shows what could be possible.
No statistics, no numbers or quotes from studies.
Just emotion.
So how does it work?
Here´s one way, how money could also be the motivation...
You reach those 500 and you may reach...
You reach one and you automatically may reach 500.
Through individual to masses.
Thank you!
Let me be provocative!
My thinking is that I dont have to reach those 500, I just have to reach 1, the lawmaker.
When I have been communicating with my lawmaker for the last.... years, the opposing power is reaching their 500 and then some.
And in fact they are not very worried about me working with the lawmaker, because they are playing already in the next playground.
We have to regroup, rethink...
Because we are losing. At least in the social media front.
Incident from this Saturday morning in Estonia.
4 young men are dead.
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