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Double Consciousness

Learning to transform your world by renewing your mind. Romans 12:2

Demitrius Barksdale

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Double Consciousness

Double Consciousness Remembering His Vision We see in Matthew 15:1-20 How to keep moving in the right direction with the right perspective? Genesis 1:1-31 Teaches us:
We should be a light (greater light for day and lesser light for the night.)
There should be a distinction in us (difference between night and day; separated from the world.)
We should be prosperous and productive
Be a star!
To describe the world He used words like living, flying, fruitful, increase in number, fill, livestock, rule (take ownership/possession), seed bearing, breath of life, and sky. Our life and our self-perspective can be altered by the people, things, and ideas that we allow in and out of our lives.
We break the commands and hopes of God by conforming to the traditions of the world.
Honor you father and mother
Not only honor God with your lips but honor him with your hearts.
We are not to worship in vain
Anything that is not planted by God will be pulled up, for it shall not prosper.
Read Matthew 16-20 Philippians 3:13-14 (MV)
Forget the past hurt, pain, misunderstanding, confusion, etc.
Strain towards what's ahead
and press on toward what God has called you to.
Your purpose is in Christ Jesus... GO in GOd! Genesis 1:1-31 and Matthew 15:1-20 The Run Around Romans 8:28 (MV) MV = Memory Verse What's your self-perception? Be honest with yourself :)
What do you think others think of you? :(
Why does this matter???

Lastly, what do you believe is your purpose in life? If I don't know, how do I find it?
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