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The Great Chocolate Caper

An activity to help students gather evidence, and make inferences based on the analysis of their evidence.

Donna Kralicek

on 4 February 2016

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Transcript of The Great Chocolate Caper

A Hollywood Crime
Assumptions: Evidence
Assumptions: Evidence
Two Kinds of Assumptions
Valid Assumptions
Alibis: The Last Important Clues
Additional Information
Answers to the Logic Puzzles
Elbarno Farnsworth
What We Know So Far
Let's take a few moments and recap what we already know:
What was the crime?
Where did it happen?
When did it happen?
How did it happen?
Alibi Check
Are There Any Holes?
Deductive Reasoning: Checking for Holes in Their Stories
Assumptions: Evidence
Suspects Section Wrap-up
Now that you have seen the suspects, can you eliminate anyone yet? Why or why not?
Who is no longer a suspect, Detective?
Suspect List
Now that you have looked at suspects and their motives for committing the crime, you need to check to see if your suspects have an ALIBI for the night of the crime.
An alibi is a reason why the suspect could not have committed the crime.
Once you hear their alibis, it is up to you to check out their story. Then, you have to analyze your facts to determine who is telling the truth about where they were on the night of the crime.
Let's look at the alibis for our 6 remaining suspects.
Fingerprints are impressions or prints made of the patterns of the fingertips.
They are individually unique
They are used by police and other authorities for identification.
Please complete the "Fingerprint Analysis" sheet.
This is a picture of the scene in Mr. Van Feisty's office. Which items on the desk do you think might important to the case and should be included in the police report?

You may feel that you don't have enough information to decide what items are important to the case.
When this happens, we need to make an assumption.
is something that is taken for granted. It is believed to be true because of your past experience or knowledge.
You are drawing conclusions based on your background knowledge.
For example, you might assume that Mr. Van Feisty has children and displayed their picture on his desk.
Take a few minutes to make assumptions about the other items on the desk. Write these in your packet.
A VALID assumption is one that is based on enough facts to prove it is true.
A FALSE assumption does not have enough facts to prove that the assumption is true.
Since you don't have all the facts, your assumptions may not have been true.
I am now going to give you a little more information about each item.
You will make a VALID assumption for each item based on the new information.
You should have marked the lunchbox as the only thing on the desk that is useful as evidence.
After their initial investigation, the police came up with a list of suspects. They questioned the persons on the list in order to gather facts about each person.
Imelda Castleberry
Elbarno Farnsworth
Oscar Hobson
Barry Newell
Jewell Treasure
Airedale Johnson
Nelmira Simpson
Benny Bartholomew
Salty the Cracker
You need to be very observant and listen to the facts to determine if each suspect has a motive for the crime.

Farnsworth is the owner of Elbarno Chocolate Company. For years his company has been losing money. It cannot compete with Dutch Delight Chocolates, the nation's favorite. Elbarno has tried one scheme after another -- advertising campaigns on TV, prizes in candy packages, giveaway vacations to Hawaii and Disney World -- to sell more candy than Dutch Delight. But none of the schemes have worked, and Elbarno Chocolates is still far behind in sales.
We now need to determine if the alibis can be substantiated, backed up or verified.

You will be given two statements. Read them carefully. Then, draw a conclusion about a suspect's alibi and whether or not it can be proven.

All street vendors are required by law to stop selling their goods at 6:00 p.m.
Oscar Hobson is a street vendor
THEREFORE, Oscar stopped selling his goods at 6:00 p.m.
Oscar's alibi CANNOT be substantiated, so he can't be eliminated.
Read the information (syllogisms) and fill in the blanks to make valid conclusions.

Remember the following:
The recipe was stolen from Mr. Van Feisty's office.
The theft happened sometime between 8 and 9 p.m.
The thief broke a window and used a crowbar to break the locks for the office and the desk drawer.

Can we eliminate any suspects?
After all of the alibis had be looked at, a call came into the detective's office that provided more information about one of the suspect's alibis.
At this point, we have still have five suspects:
Salty the Cracker
Oscar Hobson
Nelmira Simpson
Jewel Treasure
Airedale Johnson
You will now be working on your own.
You will work through a series of logic puzzles to determine who committed this crime.
At the end of the next class period, I will reveal the answers to all but the final puzzle.
You will have that night to finish up that puzzle and make sure you know who did it, so you can write your summary of the case the next day in class.
You have worked hard to solve the different parts of this case.
Now is your chance to check your work before you have to decide who did it!!
Secret Recipe Stolen!!
A recipe for a new chocolate bar was stolen last night from the Dutch Delight Chocolate Factory. The recipe was a closely-guarded secret and was locked in a drawer in Mr. Reginald Van Feisty's office. Van Feisty, the company's owner, reported the break-in to police last evening.

"We were keeping the recipe under lock and key until the new candy bars were stocked on every candy shop counter in the world," according to Van Feisty. "This will certainly upset that plan," he told police.

Dutch Delight Chocolates is the world's leading chocolate manufacturer and is reported to sell more varieties of chocolate than any other chocolate company. "Though we make the best candy, indeed," Van Feisty said, "this new bar was to be even better than our best. It was to be our top-of-the-line product."

Police are investigating the scene of the crime and are preparing a list of suspects.
For today's lesson, we will be working to analyze evidence and solve a mystery.
You will be working individually and discussing in pairs so you can discuss the evidence, analyze what you learn and solve the case.
As we go along, you will be following along with the activity packet.
We will work together for part of the case and then you will finish the case on your own.
Remember to pay attention and keep up.
Here we go!
Imelda Castleberry

Imelda Castleberry is Mr. Van Feisty's secretary. She has been his secretary for twenty-five years. He has been very happy with her work for all those years and even recently gave her a $5,000 raise.
Barry Newell
Newell has been the night watchman for twenty-eight years. Mr. Van Feisty recently increased his vacation from two weeks to a month. He also gets every other Friday off because Mr. Van Feisty likes him. A picture of Mr. Van Feisty hangs on Mr. Newell's living room wall in his apartment.
Airedale Johnson
Johnson is a serious chocoholic, one who is completely unable to control her craving for chocolate. She thinks of nothing but her favorite Dutch Delight Bars and typically eats over 20 of them a day. Though she has tried all types of treatments to help fight her craving, all of them have failed. A saleslady working at the Dutch Delight shops where Ms. Johnson frequently buys her candy said that recently Ms. Johnson had seemed desperate about her condition. Last week she told the saleslady that Van Feisty should be ashamed. "He tempts people with irresistible delicacies and makes a fortune while the poor victims suffer," she reportedly had stated angrily. "The government should protect us and force him out of business." Then overcome by a craving, she grabbed a chocolate bar from the counter , tore off the wrapper, and gulped it down. "If the government won't do it, I will," she had mumbled, chewing the last bite of the candy.
Nelmira Simpson
Simpson created a national organization that protests against the selling of chocolate to children. The organization demonstrates in front of candy stores across the nation, carrying banners stating the ill effects of chocolate. "Children are disrespectful, unruly, and failing in school because of chocolate," Mrs. Simpson recently said on a national television talk show. She has attempted to have Congress pass a law making it illegal to sell chocolate to minors. Congress laughed at her demands. "I might have to take things into my own hands," she reportedly stated to a news reporter after Congressman Dale had said she was ridiculous.
Benny Bartholomew
Bartholomew has worked his way up to higher positions at the chocolate factory over the past fifteen years and is now the head foreman. When questioned by police, he said he liked working for Mr. Van Feisty and stated that his boss always sent him a turkey at Thanksgiving and Christmas. "He also buys all my kids firecrackers each Fourth of July," he said. He plans to work at the factory until he retires at age 65.
Salty the Cracker
Salty is a notorious thief. He was recently released from jail after serving time for stealing the design for a new video game from one company and selling it to another. As his name suggests, he is a skilled safe-cracker.
Imelda Castleberry
loyal secretary; recently given a large raise
Barry Newell
long time employee; admires Mr. Van Feisty
Benny Bartholomew
loyal employee who is treated well by Mr. Van Feisty
Write an epilogue (what happens after) for this case. Explain what happened, who did it, why they did it and then choose 2 – 3 of the other characters and describe what you think happened to them after this case. Be creative, but use logic and what you already know about the characters to write this. I would like this to be 100 – 150 words long.
When working with literary analysis, you have to state your point, then find evidence to support that point.
Then, you need to analyze that evidence.
Analysis is showing your thinking and the connections you make to the evidence.
Analysis =
How do you know?
Why is it important?
What does it mean?
Why does it matter?
Learning Objective:
I will understand how to use critical thinking skills to analyze information, draw accurate conclusions and explain the reasoning for my conclusions.

What is analysis? How do we use it? Why is it important?
Mr. Van Feisty has never been married, but he has a married sister. He is very fond of her two sons.
The lunch box was heavy and rattled when shaken. A lock pick, a small crowbar, a screw driver, and a flashlight were found inside the box.
The birthday card stated, "to my sister on that special day. May you have many, many more Happy Birthdays!" It signed "Reginald" in red ink. An envelope addressed in red ink to Clair Curtis in Cleveland, Ohio, was lying beneath the card.
Several red ball-point pens were found in top drawer of Mr. Van Feisty's desk.
Based on your VALID assumptions, which items would be considered important evidence in the crime?

Put a * by the items you think are important.
Now, try making valid assumptions on your own.
Read each set of facts on the "More Valid Assumptions" sheet.
This will give you more information about the case as well.
Oscar Hobson
Hobson created the original Dutch Delight Chocolate Bar 30 years ago when he was a cook in Van Feisty's restaurant. After selling many bars of candy in his restaurant, Van Feisty decided to begin a chocolate company to make the chocolate bars. He sold his restaurant when he started the chocolate company. Mr. Van Feisty did not give Oscar credit for the original recipe. instead, he claimed that he had created the recipe himself. He even advertised on television that he was the person who had created the original Dutch Delight Bar. Van Feisty did not give Oscar a job at the new chocolate company. Oscar worked as a cook in another restaurant, all the time plotting how he might prove he was the creator of the Dutch Delight Bar. He hired detectives and lawyers, but no one could prove his story. Eventually Oscar was heavily in debt. He could pay none of his bills, and he lost his house, his car and finally his job. He now sells Elbarno Chocolates from a cart that he pushes around the streets of the city. He lives in a small one-room apartment.
Jewel Treasure
Treasure was a model hired by Van Feisty to advertise Dutch Delight Chocolates. She was frequently seen on television eating a Dutch Delight Bar. "This is the only chocolate I would ever dream of eating," she would say in the commercial. Six months ago, a reporter from the
National Examiner
photographed her buying a cart load of Elbarno Chocolates in the grocery store. The picture was seen on every newsstand in the country and Mr. Van Feisty became a laughing stock. He immediately fired Jewel Treasure, saying he would see to it she never worked as a model again. She now sells shoes at the Very Good Department Store at the Shoestring Mall.
Elbarno Farnsworth: E
Jewel Treasure: D
Oscar Hobson: A
Salty the Cracker: NONE
Nelmira Simpson: B
Airedale Johnson: C
Keep This in Mind!!
This is a fictional scenario. It is meant to be humorous in places.
DON'T play the "what if" game. It is okay to speculate and wonder, but once an answer is given -- don't waste time by coming up with other non relevant ideas.
Think carefully and don't rush through the activities. This will cause mistakes and frustrations later on.
Just follow along, participate and enjoy the activity!!
Elbarno Farnsworth
"I was at a chocolate convention for chocolate manufacturers in Orlando, Florida."
Who might you question to substantiate or prove Elbarno's alibi?
Oscar Hobson
"I was selling Elbarno Chocolates from my street cart on the corner of 5th and Main."
Who might you question to substantiate or prove Oscar's alibi?
Jewel Treasure
"I was selling shoes at the Very Good Department Store at the Shoestring Mall."
Who might you question to substantiate or prove Jewel's alibi?
Airedale Johnson
"I was at a meeting of Chocolics Anonymous to help stop the craving for chocolate I had that day."
Who might you question to substantiate or prove Airedale's alibi?
Nelmira Simpson
"I was leading a protest at the Yummy Chocolate Shop at the Shoestring Mall."
Who might you question to substantiate or prove Nelmira's alibi?
Salty the Cracker
"I was at a reunion with members of my old gang at Lucky Luke's Diner."
Who might you question to substantiate or prove Salty's alibi?
The cook at Lucky Luke's Diner stated that all customers left Lucky Luke's Diner on the night of the crime because of a grease fire in the kitchen. However, two hours after making that statement to the detectives, the cook checked his calendar and realized he had made a terrible mistake. He quickly called police headquarters and made the following statement:

"I told that detective I talked to earlier the wrong facts. The fire I told him about happened the day after that robbery, not on the same day. And I've got the report from the fire department to prove it."
Because of that, we know Salty could have been at the Diner. So, our original conclusion about Salty's alibi is not true.

He could have been at the diner on the night of crime. That simply means we will have to question the customers at the diner once again to either prove or disprove Salty's alibi.

That will be the first thing we do in the Independent Work section of this case.


Mr. Smith: 4:30 pm/ stayed for 1 hour.
Mr. Frank: 4:00 pm/ stayed for 3.5 hours
Mr. Beanne: 7:00 pm/ stayed for 2 hours
Mr. Hobbs: 5:00 pm/ stayed 3 hours
Mr. Samuels: 6:00 pm/ stayed 2.5 hours
Mrs. Jones: 5:30 pm/ stayed 1.5 hours
Salty's alibi is verified. He is no longer suspect!
Second Alibi
Oscar: Read More Book Store/ walked
Nelmira: Piece Good Sewing Shop/ took bus
Jewel: Music Store/ took a cab
Airedale: Pepperoni Pizza Parlor/ drove her car

Suspect/Where they claimed to be/How they got there
Customer/When they arrived/How long they stayed
Witness/Location of Witness/Time they saw a Suspect
Keys to the Messages:
First message: move 2 letters to the right in the alphabet.
Second message: move 12 letters to the left in the alphabet
Mr. Jay: Rolling Rock Music Store/ 7:00 pm
Mrs. Pill: Piece Good Sewing Shop/ 7:15 pm
Mr. Toms: Pepperoni Pizza Parlor/ 8:15 pm
Mr. Johns: Read More Book Store/ 6:45 pm
Message #1:
The recipe is mine. Time to get what we want. Use Plan A.

Message #2:
You are becoming quite a detective.
Secret Message
Notes from Detective Abel
Jewel: Type-Better Model 457/ distorted "e"
Oscar: No Error Model 240/ broken "g"
Nelmira: Type-O Model 124/ distorted "y"

Suspect/Typewriter & Model/What's Wrong with Typewriter
Based on all the information, the person who stole the recipe from Mr. Van Feisty's office is.....
The recipe was recovered and returned to Van Feisty. Jewel Treasure was indicted for theft and industrial espionage.Her case will go to court in a month or so. The whole ordeal made Van Feisty realize that the desire for money and fame causes people (even himself) to do things that are wrong. He vowed to make amends for past mistakes. A week later in a joint news conference, Van Feisty and Elbarno announced that they were merging their two firms and would be making the new secret chocolate bar together they hired Oscar Hobson to be in charge of their test kitchen and gave him a salary worthy of his talents. Airedale Johnson was hired to work in the new chocolate factory. Aft being around chocolate all day, she lost her craving for the candy and now craves lettuce and carrots. Nelmira Simpson was sufficiently threatened by her brief brush with law enforcement that she decided to continue her protest in a more positive and less threatening manner. She politely and lawfully lobbies stores to provide displays of healthy foods that appeal to children. Salty the Cracker decided that his past would always haunt him unless he did something to prove that he had changed his ways. He now works in a youth rehabilitation center counseling young people to find positive directions for their talents and energies.
We are going to take few moments to learn how to solve a "logic" puzzle.
This type of puzzle will be used to help you narrow down suspects and solve the rest of the case.
It is really important that you pay attention to the steps and take notes if needed to remember how to do this.
This is the one place that a small mistake can really mess you up.
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