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Boomer Manchuck, Ben Fishman and Kyle McDonald M6 20th C.

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Debra Goldstein

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Boomer Manchuck, Ben Fishman and Kyle McDonald M6 20th C.

20th Century
Ben Fishman, Kyle McDonald, and Boomer Manchuck
1900's - 1930's
Stephen Foster
Stephen Foster
Mamie Smith
Mamie Smith
Sam M. Lewis
Born in New York City, New York on October 25th, 1885
Died in New York City, New York on November 22nd, 1959
Was a lyricist and a vocalist.
Sam M. Lewis
Pitch-Male; Deep
Similiar and Conclusion
20th century
1900's - 1930's
-1901 Theodore Roosevelt becomes President
-1902 first Rose Bowl
-1908 Henry Ford begins production of the Model T

July 4, 1826 – January 13, 1864
He was born in Lawrenceville Pennsylvania, US
He died in Bellevue Hospital in New York City, US
He played the violin, piano, and composed many different songs.
One of Mamie Smith's most famous pieces was "Mamie Smith and Her Jazz Hounds."

Mamie Smith and Her Jazz Hounds
Pitch- Female-High
Tempo- Slow
Dynamics- Mezzo-Forte
Timbres- Happy
She was born May 26, 1883 and died September 16, 1946 she was an American singer, dancer, pianist, and an actress. She was the first African American to record blues in 1920. She was born in Cincinatti, Ohio and died in New York, US.
Sources Cited-
Sum Up-
The 1930's were a very successful year in the musical aspect. Very famous and excellent musicians played during these times, many which have not been forgotten.
They are all very happy songs
Make you want to get up and dance
Very exciting songs

Oh! Sussana!
Pitch- Male-Deep
Tempo- Fast
Dynamics- Mezo-Forte
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