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Backline Tech Roles

No description

Courtney Marsh

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Backline Tech Roles

Backline Tech Roles
Production Manager
Monitor Engineer
Lighting Engineer/ Designer
Backline Technician
Stage Manager
FOH Engineer
Commercial Practice
Commercial Practice
Commercial Practice
Commercial Practice
Commercial Practice
Commercial Practice
Commercial Practice
Commercial Practice
Attend meetings with everyone involved to plan every aspect of the production
Organise everything and work within a budget
Deal with any problems that may arise
Set up equipment on stage
Tuning instuments
Testing equipment
Repairing instruments and equipment
Oversee the setup of the stage and the equipment
Attend rehearsals and sound-checks to record presise timings
Deal with any problems to ensure the artists requirements are met
Liasing with FOH and catering for the crew/artists
Manage the budget and abide by the health and safety legislation
Setting up and dismantling equipment
Installing suspended equipment
Maintaining their own equipment
Working from elevated platforms
Inspecting, testing and repairing rigging equipment
Checking, maintaining and repairing equipment
Attend rehearsals to plan set-up and changes
Work from the mixing desk to control and balance the sound levels
Participate in sound checks and ensure they are done in time
Manage the logistics
Work closely with FOH and the band
Maintain and repair equipment
Adjust the monitors during sound check to suit the artists
Adjust the monitors throughout the performance to prevent any problems
Must plan the lighting set up and design beforehand
Select the necessary gear
Work with technicians to ensure everything is in place
Attend rehearsals to make an changes if needed
Involved in the general labour of the set up
Load-ins/load-outs ect.
Generally just help out with anything that needs doing
Oversee load-in and load-out
Health and Safety
Ear protection
Steel toe cap boots
Using tools
Lifting and moving heavy equipment
Tidy cables
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