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The what, why and how

l aschema

on 29 August 2014

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Transcript of Idioms

It's raining cats and dogs!
It's raining very heavily.
What is it?
A commonly used word/phrase that has a special figurative meaning
Speak figuratively...
NOT literally...
We're speaking figuratively ...NOT literally!
Figuratively...we mean that it's raining really hard outside
Use it literally...
Following word(s) exactly or closely
Literally...cats and dogs would be falling from the sky...which shouldn't be happening!
Why learn this?
It makes our conversations more colorful and personal.
Also, to understand what people actually mean when they are talking -remember our pen pals!
How do I do this?
read the words in the sentence
reread the sentence(s) before and after...look at pictures
try to think about what the author is trying to say
Example of idioms in a cartoon
Other examples and meanings...
butterflies in my stomach
= "fluttery feeling" in stomach due to nervousness
hole in the wall =
small place/apartment
Now it's your turn...
Make your own idiom page!
name/homeroom on back of paper
idiom at top 1/4 of page
"literal picture" in center 1/2 of page: may use magazine pictures, your own drawings, paper, etc.
actual meaning at bottom 1/4 of page
(explain so our German/French penpals will understand)
be NEAT, use colored pencils or computer
no duplications of idioms
due in 1 week
coming...make your own Prezi...
It's raining cats and dogs outside!
OUCH !!!
Remember...this is LITERAL
Geico commercial: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush = Something you own is better than nothing.
This would be a great card for Valentine's Day!
So, let's psyche ourselves up (get ready) to work like a dog (work hard) and get our heads around (learn to understand) idioms!
He lost his head = to suddenly become very upset, angry or confused
Objectives: (ISBE LA Standard 1.A.7)
recognize & understand the meaning of idioms
illustrate/create idiom meanings
appreciate & value the use of idioms
Shhhhh...don't say
it out loud, yet...
Whisper it to your
seat mate...
For example: "My sister let the cat out of the bag. She accidentally mentioned the surprise birthday party for me tomorrow."
Geico commerical:
Do you live under a rock?
= live alone and have NO idea what is going on around you
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