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No description

mawaheb ibrahim

on 14 February 2015

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Transcript of Infographic

What Is an Infograph?
Designing an Infograph
Infographic Web Tools
There are a web tools that can be used to create an infographic in an easy way
Design Not Do’s
lets see what are not to do's while designing your infographic
Good Arabic Infograph
Q8_Done by Group 10
Good Infograph
Design Tips
Eight Tips for Better Infographics :
Why to Infograph
1. Easier remember
2. Easier to understand
3. Attractive
4. Organize Info
Infograph Types
1. The Visual Article
2. The Flow chart
3. Useful Bait
4. Number Porn
5. The Timeline
6. Data Visualization
7. The Photo Infographic
8. The Vs Informagraphic

1. Flow
2. Colors
3. Data
4. Sources
5. Word
Kinds of Data to Visualize
- Numbers / Stats.
- Location Data.
- Time and Date.
- Systems and Processes.

What About Me
Helps users to introduce themselves in an amazing and beautiful way and allow them to
simply write their great accomplishments.

Application Tools
Applications that can be installed on PC to create the infographics
1- Focus on a single topic .
2- Keep it simple.
3- Data is important.
4- Be sure facts are correct.
5- Good design is effective.
6- Choose attractive colors.
7- Use short texts.
8- Check your numbers .
You’re Not Original
Font Choice Is Poor
The Design Looks Like an
Amusement Park
Three Dimensional Charts are
Almost Universally a Bad Idea.
Tables of Numbers
- Why are students not finishing school and at what cost?
Bad Arabic Infograh
Bad Infograph
Bad Infograph
Bad Infograph
A graphical way to represent complex
information, data and knowledge on
quickly and clearly.
Q8_Done by Group 10
Q7_Done by group 4
Q7_Done by group 4
Q7_Done by group 4
Q7_Done by group 4
Q6_Done by group 3
Q6_Done by group 3
Q6_Done by group 3
Q6_Done by group 3
Q6_Done by group 3
Q6_Done by group 3
You in an infograph
Q1_Done by group 7
Q1_Done by group 7
Q1_Done by group 7
Q2_Done by group 6
Q2_Done by group 6
Q3_Done by group 5
Q3_Done by group 5
Q3_Done by group 5
Q4_Done by group 1
Q5_Done by group 8
Thank you for listening :)

Q10_Done by Group 9
Pen Tool
Microsoft Visio
Flowchart Tools
Population Infographics
Gradient Tool
Slice Tool
Ellipses Infographics
Q4_Done by group 1
Q4_Done by group 1
Q4_Done by group 1
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