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Dragons' eggs

No description

fo po

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Dragons' eggs

Most important characters in the book
Series Editor:
Philip Browse.

Original Edition:
Dragons' Eggs, Cambridge University Press, 2010.

Edition Read:
Dragons' Eggs, Cambridge University Press, 2010.
Personal Opinion
I really enjoyed this book, because it explain a really important problem in Africa these days. It's exciting to see how this man tries to remove the landmines, and how the people who loves is hurt by them. It transmits the fear with the people lives when they have an advice of landmines.

But, on the other hand, the book is a bit slow and, except the Sibonguile's death, it's a little predictable. There are some chapters that don't have a really interest for the plot, some chapters made to fill pages (Or that is what they transmit). The vocabulary and the descriptions are very simple, not beautiful.

Tendai is the protagonist of the plot, he is an eighteen-year-old boy, in good physical form.

He is a dreamer, a great runner and an exceptional storyteller. He is brave and he never gives up.
J. M. Newsome
Daniel Regener
The Plot
Interesting vocabulary in the book
The adventures happen in a few days that might be these:
Tendai is a young man who has moved recently to a small village in Africa, Mangwe Ford, because his father has lost his job. There, he meet Sibonguile, and our young man falls in love instantly. But, these day, the Tendai's small brother is hurt by a landmine, in a zone supposed safe. Sibonguile and Tendai make plans to remove the landmines, but few days later Sibonguile is killed by one.

Then, Tendai strengthens to remove the landmines, because no more people has to be killed by a war of thirty years ago. Finally, with the help of his father and the chief ofMangwe Ford, he can get the money to contract one company to remove the landmines, and the village is finally safe.
Dragons' eggs

Two Interesting Quotes In The Book.
Father of Tendai. He is 38 years old and, like his son, a good runner too.

He is a bit reserved and silent, but he loves his family and he fight for what's right.
She is the girlfriend of Tendai, and she is seventeen years old. For the protagonist, she is really beautiful.

She is a cheerful person, she loves the protagonist, and she is brave too.
Explosives what explodes when you tread it.
Houses made with mud.
-Spare Time:
Free time.
The "president" of a city.
A big animal that eats grass and leaves, the males have two large, branching horns.
A tool that people use for shaving.

"What we do with our lives is what we gives
to ourselves."

-"Too many people do things because of how they feel rather than what they think."

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