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What I learned in grade 7

this presentation is about the 5 things i learned and what i think my grade should be for grade 7!

Jayde Malek

on 4 June 2009

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Transcript of What I learned in grade 7

What I learned in grade 7 i learned so
much this year! i leanred how to be safe
on the internet and not
always use your real name! i also leaned how to make an awsomely cool song using acid express! With that song we made, I
made a video using flash! i also made a animated video about two girls using xtranormal. It was fun! we also learned how to voice record ourselves using audacity and some of them were funny! so I just want to say that Mr.Bennet is a great computer teacher and I learned alot from him! THANKS!~!~!~!~ i think im done.... ` oh wait i just want to say one more thing... if i could get most of my marks on somethings, i would like it to be my... probably my song and my song and video if thats possible! if i had to give myself a grade i would probably give myself a -A because i felt like i did farely well... i also think that i did things mostly independent but mr.bennet had to help me sometimes! my final projects were done well i think but i needed some help on the way! okay im done now. thanks Mr.Bennet.m i learned alot!
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