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korea by: abi

No description

Morgan Fucheck

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of korea by: abi


South Korea’s economic freedom score is 71.2, making its economy the 31st freest in the 2014 Index.
South Korea is ranked 8th out of 42 countries in the Asia–Pacific region.
Over the 20-year history of the Index, South Korea’s economic freedom has been largely stagnant.
Buddhism is one of the older religions in South Korea.
It comes from the Mahayana branch of Buddhism, similar to China and Japan.
Christianity has become more and more popular in recent years in South Korea.
Christianity was introduced to Korea by the Jesuits in China.
rice is the chief crop
five major minerals—gold, iron ore, coal, tungsten, and graphite
The first agriculturally based settlements appeared around 6000 B.C.
Plant life
National Flower of South Korea
Image of the National Flower of South Korean Hibiscus Syriacus (Rose of Sharon), or in Korea known as Mugunghwa, is the national flower of South Korea. Korea is compared poetically to the flower in the South Korean national anthem. Symbolizing the immortality, Hibiscus syriacus are pink-mauve single flowers having a dark magenta eye

wild life
the nagnim mountains are the center of north Korea
sobaek mountains are in the center of south Korea
it is surrounded by water on three sides
there are five bodies of water that touch it those are the Sea of Japan, the Yellow Sea, the Korea Strait, the Cheju Strait and Korea Bay
the north Korean flag
The colors of the Korean Empire flag were white, blue, and a pale shade of red bordering.
North Korea retained these colors for its new flag, with more prominence given to the red, per communist symbolism, and added a red star on a white disk.
fast facts
South Korea quick facts
Government type: Republic.
Capital city: Seoul.
Administrative divisions: 7 metropolitan cities and 9 provinces
north korean facts
You can’t turn off the government radio installed in your home, only reduce the volume.
Idolatry in North Korea is such that it is second-nature for ordinary citizens to “rescue” portraits of Kim Il Sung before all else in the case of a house fire (there are even special bunkers for statues in case of war

Tigers, leopards, lynx, and bears are almost extinct.
Many of South Korea’s fish, reptile, and amphibian species are threatened by intensive cultivation and environmental pollution except in the DMZ between North and South Korea, which has become a de facto nature preserve.
South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea, is a country in East Asia, constituting the southern part of the Korean Peninsula.
The name Korea is derived from Goryeo, a dynasty which ruled in the Middle Ages.
Unitary state, Presidential system, Constitutional republic
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