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ITEC 7430 Intro Class

No description

Tricia Cauffiel

on 27 August 2012

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Transcript of ITEC 7430 Intro Class

Who I am... Taught for 14 years, 12 years in Cobb County Middle Grades Math, Language Arts/ Reading, Speech/Drama, Journalism
Instructional Lead Teacher and Area Lead Teacher all levels
Technology Coach at Title I middle schools
University of Georgia and Kennesaw State University How to contact me- Use GeorgiaView Email or tfrazier.ksu@gmail.com Internet Tools in the Classroom Syllabus-
Look over syllabus- read purpose/rationale
Book "Blogs, Wikis, and Podcasts, and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms"
Course Assignments p. 7
Rubrics - Hand Outs
Georgia View Lesson Plan Development and Implementation See assignment hand out and rubric
Field Experience Log (Structured 30 hours)
Presentation at the end - screen cast Deliverables
Create online resources- example create a Gmail Account and RSS feed
Need to show me that you've done it
Scoring Guide: 0,1,2 Blog Posts and Peer Comments Textbook Assignments Calendar Two calendars for use- Module and Course
See scheduled meetings - 2 mandatory F2F
Optional Meetings
Preparation/ Participation/ Professionalism p.8 (10 pts) Dr. Tricia Frazier 2 points per blog
You blog and then comment on 2 of your peers' blogs each week (different peer each week)
Professional Portfolio
Note: Please put the link to your blog every time you submit- the published view. Put links to your peers' blogs as well Responses to textbook and readings
Discussions: Respond in GeorgiaView according to directions
Respond to peers
Remember the protocol: Clarify, Value, Offer Conerns, Suggest
Assessments Important things to remember:
Lesson Plan can be turned in for feedback throughout the semester (Please put your last name in name of file)
Enter the link to your published Weebly blog every time you submit (peers as well)
Must communicate the deliverables are complete
Please feel free to communicate with me via email, text, or phone in emergencies
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