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Top 10 World Geography Topics

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Joe McInvale

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of Top 10 World Geography Topics

US vs. Canada economies
South Asia Technology
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Caribbean Tourism
Poverty in Africa
Terrorism in Middle-East
Natural Disasters in Chile
American Civil War
The End!
The Road Through 7th Grade World Geography
By Joe McInvale
The US has 5
economic regions:
the Northeast, Midwest, South, Interior West, and Pacific
Each of these regions plays an important role in the US economy like the South, Midwest,and Pacific with its wide variety of agriculture
Canada, on the other hand, has four economic regions: the Atlantic Provinces, Central and Eastern Region, West, and North
Each of these regions plays a role in the economy with its mining, manufacturing, and agriculture
American Revolution
American 9/11
In India, computer software services and software developers and tech support are booming in popularity
Also, in India, many people outsource to other countries, like America, to find better jobs for higher wages

Outsourcing- When businesses hire overseas workers to do certain jobs
South Asia is also starting to use more wind power from electric windmills than ever protect the environment from polluted air
South Asia has made many technological advances over the years including advances in agriculture, manufacturing, and even environmental improvements
It is a conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis that started all the way back in the 19th and 20th centuries, still ongoing to this day with just as much fight as there ever was.
Current issues that are going on right now are the fighting over the Jerusalem border, lack of water resources, and a giant wall creating a barrier between the two groups
There have been many actions taken towards solving this conflict like the Palestinian army cutting off bases in Israeli territories and the government making peace between the two groups
Being in a conflict with each other, death has taken its toll on each group, with 7,978 deaths for the Palestinians and 1503 deaths for the Israelis
Tourism in the Caribbean greatly impacts the economies, cultures, and ecosystems of the area
Early tourists that visited the Caribbean didn't actually care for the beaches, but they did care for its historical landmarks and its history itself
Starting in the 1980s, the Caribbean has had visits from millions of tourists from all over the world who love to go snorkeling and scuba diving in the water
Tourism does have a downside though, and that is that it doesn't impact the economy as much as it should. Most of the profits from tourism don't stay in the country, but leave with the tourists.
Most poverty in many of the regions of Africa is caused by the lack of basic human needs like shelter, food, water, and environmental resources
Human resources is one of the largest causes of poverty in Africa due to inefficient industrial and agricultural practices, education, and being under apartheid
Disease is another big reason for poverty in Africa because of water-related disease, lack of sanitation, and the disease, AIDS
Africa's poverty problem affects the government, economy, and industries due to a low standard of living and quality of life
Cultural Terrorism is becoming a big problem in areas of the Middle East, especially Islamic terrorism
This terrorism is taking advantage of political uncertainty and economic hardship, making it hard for the economy or government to do anything about the conflict
About a week ago, bombing in Egypt destroyed the historical Museum of Islamic Art, which was a tragedy because it could have been prevented
The terrorism is going as far as robbing the ancient Iraq Museum of their treasures during the US vs. Saddam Hussein conflict. The museum lost 7,000 ancient treasures of Iraq history to robbery
Located on the coast, Chile is vulnerable to many natural disasters, like the 8.2 magnitude earthquake/tsunami, and the giant forest fire in Valparaiso, Chile
Striking at about 8:46 pm local time, about 60 miles NW of Iquique, it was a devastating earthquake that tore the country apart, literally.
Not like that was already bad enough, but they got swamped by a tsunami that was just as devastating as the earthquake. Not only did this hurt the one part of Chile, but it also affected the whole country, plus other neighboring countries
On April 14, 2014, a recent Chilean forest fire located in the city of Valparaiso, devastated the country. This was only days after the giant earthquake/tsunami hit near Iquique
Being the bloodiest war in American history, the Civil War was a 5-year war lasting from 1861-1865.
This war was fought between the Union and Confederate, two groups that split into the North (Union) and the south (Confederate). The Confederate split off to form a new country because they didn't agree with the laws being made and were for slavery, when the Union was not.
The fighting of the war didn't start until April 12, 1861 when the confederate soldiers claimed Fort Sumter and opened fire on the Union soldiers. This was the first actual fighting of the war.
After 5 years of fighting between the Union and Confederate groups, the Union finally won when the Confederate army surrendered after their general was captured. Slavery was abolished and the Union had won the war
The American Revolution was a war between the Colonists and the British that dated from 1775-1783, when Britain still had control over the American colonies.
The war was triggered when Britain taxed different American goods such as tea and sugar, and the colonists decided that they had had enough of this, and wanted to set themselves free from the British once and for all
This led to the Boston Tea Party, where colonists took British tea and dumped it overboard over the side of supply ships. They also wrote the Declaration of Independence saying that they wanted to be free from England, and they sent this letter to King George of England
This made King George mad, so he sent British troops over to the colonies and declared war against the colonies. After 8 years of fighting at Lexington, Concord, and other colonial cities, the colonies beat General Cornwallis and the British army at Yorktown, Virginia, setting themselves apart from England
On September 11, 2001, two airplanes flew into the two World Trade Center Buildings known as the Twin Towers. As the buildings came crashing down, almost
people died from the terrible collision.
The airplanes that flew into the towers were suicide attacks piloted by 19 members of the Islamic terrorist group, Al-Qaeda. These 19 people hijacked four airplanes that were in mid-flight, then drove them into the twin towers.
Not only did Al-Qaeda target the twin towers, but they also flew into the Pentagon, in Washington, DC, and attempted to fly into and destroy the White House. Some of the main leaders of these attacks were the infamous Osama Bin-Laden and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.
This tragic day will never be forgotten and will always remain in the back of our heads for as long as we live, but we will still stand strong as a country and will always move on past events like this devastating one.
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