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Research week 2011 Leicester

phD research working progress

marco mason

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Research week 2011 Leicester

Experience Design ...designing the map... design design design museum context mobile technology visitor's needs Design Theory This has led to ship away from just usability engineering to much attention on the whole mobile visitor experience. In the last years handheld technology has entered in the museum world enriching the communication means at disposal of museum practitioners. Mobile devices are complex systems not just for the technology itself but also because of the complexity of both the museum context and the design of apps Designing Mobile Visitor Experience Marco Mason strategy level interaction level screen level surface level just as referement... grazie :-) Mobile Museum Experience Design museum mission digital content visitor's needs museum learning interface technology interactions Communication Garrett's Diagram www.marcomason.it design of product Jodi Forlizzi: “Designers lack a unified understanding or theory of user experience, let alone a process for trying to design for it. There is great interest in the subject, and there have been initial efforts to create theories of user experience”. design of experience from to Design Experience Conceptual Map level by level Strategy level design culture museum
practice PhD research The foundation of a successful user experience is a clearly articulated strategy. Interactions level Mobile Navigation Content Structure Structure / Organization / Jargon Space Semantic Social CPMetz app, Centre Pompidou-Metz, Metz QAGoMA app, Queensland Art Gallery, Australia TATE Trump app game, Tale Modern London Infitity of Nations node curators and experts artist's interviews curator’s interviews social tagging , social media Audio, Sound http://dallasmuseumofart.mobi National Portrait Gallery interactive image Tate Multimedia Guide (2005) Indianapolis Museum of Art Smithsonian. National Museum of AMeircan Indian QAGoMA app, Queensland Art Gallery, Australia iAfrica, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, USA Tate Channel 'Establish' requirements is the basis of the design activity Information Architecture Interaction Design (IxD) ex. mental model infinity o fnation Screen level Visual level Aesthetic Integrity Graphic Consistency Semiology/simbology How can it possible to explore, describe and examine this complexity? IxD is 'invisible'
IxD is about bringing behaviors and actions in the design
IxD is about (inter)action between people and system above all, it is the journey in getting the conceptual map which is interesting for me it is a dissertation on how
museum design practice & design culture can come together the content (any factor) is important but more significant is what the conceptual map 'symbolise' it is a dissertation of how principles of design in the museum can move on from the product design approach to an expeirence design approach therefore the principles behind the conceptual map and the dependency between factors In this way, this research can progress the culture of design because: What would a conceptual map look like for museum mobile media? Is it by mapping the factors? The significance consists on creating an intellectual mean for helping designers and museum practitioners to move from mobile digital media technology to the mobile visitor experience.

Having the whole vision of the factors and their relationships could help practitioners involved in the design to better deal whit a complex system like mobile digital medium. Shifting the Focus from the Technology to the Visitor prototypes!! Graphic Design design of product design of experience from to Indianapolis Museum of art App illustrative examples museum studies PhD Knowing what we want the mobile museum system to accomplish for both the museum and visitors informs the decisions designers have to make about every aspect of the mobile user experience.

But establishing requirements could be less simple than it looks. National Museum of the American Indian Infinity of Nations Mobile App June 2011, School of Museum Studies
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