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Witchcraft & Religion

No description

Julie Jenkins

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Witchcraft & Religion

Hocus Pocus:
Witchcraft & Religion
How can we understand this situation?
What is witchcraft?
--localized terminology and understandings
--"adzeto" - owners of "adze"
"discourses, beliefs, and practices of witchcraft are manifestations of real social, political, and economic conditions" (Moore & Sanders 2001)
rational way of explaining misfortunes
Evans-Pritchard & the Azande
Why me??
accusations often appear within the context of tension in social relations
accusations reinforce standards of morality
"pressure safety valve" by providing means for conflict resolution?
"neither a return to 'traditional' practices nor a sign of backwardness or lack of progress; they are instead thoroughly modern manifestations of uncertainties, moral disquiet and unequal rewards and aspirations in the contemporary moment" (Moore & Sanders 2001)
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