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Future Tokyo

No description

Raiya A-s

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Future Tokyo

Define: Different tools, machines, and/or systems which are utilized to achieve various objectives.

Virtual Realities & Human Identity
Virtual Realities
Simulations without real world consequences
Experience the impossible
Blurred perceptions of real vs virtual
Mind/behavior control
Future Tokyo
Presentation by:
Raiya Abi-Samra
Daniel Baghdasarian
Danny Miscevich
Claire Seney
Steven Wang

How will humans and technology shape each other?
computers, artificial intelligence, virtual realty, robots, cellphones, etc.
Possible outcomes
Human/Technology relations
Immersive environments created artificially via computers which allows people to interact physically with their virtual surroundings.
Humans and Technology:
Becoming One
Is humanity a trait that is exclusive to humans? The lines that separate man and
machine are becoming blurred.
What happens if humanity and
technology become inseparable, and
are no longer
How do you differentiate between the two?

Time of Eve dir. Yasuhiro Yoshiura:
Androids are self aware
Have individual personalities
Act on personal troubles, goals, and desires
Capable of learning and growing, mentally

As humans continue to program "intelligence", will this intelligence ever break the barriers between androids and Humans?
Spaces in Time of Eve
New Port City
Ghost in the Shell
Neo Tokyo
Psycho-Pass dir. Katsuyuki Motohiro
Can one live without the other?

The androids in Time of Eve are mostly treated like objects by people in the regular areas, like the school, home, and out in public
The ethics committee fights to limit android usage and treats them as non human
In the cafe the lines between human and not are blurred allowing the human characters to question what is humanity, while the androids also discover what makes a human.
Where do our human/technology relations lead us?
At what point will the relationship between humanity and technology transcend existing barriers and evolve into something far beyond what we can imagine or even control?
noun \hyü-ˈma-nə-tē, yü-\
:the quality or state of being human
Technology as a means of super-communication: share information, experience, and oneself (or virtual self).
There are certain implications when externalizing memories/data through the use of technology...
Human identity in the context of technology.
Sword Art Online Dir. Tomohiko Itō
Hyper-Technological/ Successful?
Androids, like robots, are bound by programmed logic and laws
"My Virtual War" by Mark Alpert
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