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marta pascual

on 18 March 2013

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Roast: Gangi Mouri: Introduction:
A typical breakfast of New Zealand consist in cereal and toast with a cup of tea, coffee or juice or milk. Kumara: Hot Pies: Pavlova: Breakfast Lunch is usually something simple, because the principal food is dinner. Lunch Dinner is the main meal of the day and eat around 6 pm. It usually consists of meat with cooked vegetables and potatoes. Dinner: New zealand Food Sometimes the weekends are time for a hot breakfast. Hāngi is a traditional New Zealand Māori method of cooking food using heated rocks buried in a pit oven still used for special occasions. Kumara originated in the Pacific Islands, and arrived in New Zealand with early Maori settlers over one thousand years ago. Known elsewhere as sweet potato, New Zealand kumara grows in the semi-tropical regions of the North Island. It is available in red, gold or orange varieties. Pavlova is a traditional dessert in New Zealand . It is a meringue base that is filled with whipped cream and fruit, usually kiwifruit. Children's birthday cakes are often pavlovas in New Zealand and may be decorated with candy. The hot pies are stuffed with meat and typically eat at lunchtime.

There are a Hot pies varieti stuffed with bacon and egg, with mushrooms, ground beef, vegetables and much more. The Roast is one of Australia's and New Zealand's favorite ways to eat. Roasting is a good cooking method for meat, poultry, fish, vegetables. You can roast firm fruits, like apples, pears and tomatoes, too.
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