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Chapter 6

No description

Rachel McGee

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of Chapter 6

Isaac and Jacob
Abraham's son Isaac and later his grandson Jacob headed the family.

An angel named Jacob Israel. "one who struggles with God"
Later Jacob's descendants were called Israelites.
Had 12 sons who became the 12 tribes of Israel

After a famine caused by a drought, Jacob's family left Canaan for Egypt.
Judaism is both an ancient and modern religion.

It is the faith of the Israelites.
They believe in one God. (Monotheism)
Prophets: Messengers who share God's word.
prophets taught that their God created and ruled the world, is just and good, and expects goodness from his people.
The Hebrew Bible
The Israelites recorded their beliefs and history.
Known as the Hebrew Bible or Tannakh.
Followers of Judaism are called Jews.

Judaism played a important part in the development of two other major religions:
Christianity and Islam.
Christians call the Hebrew Bible the Old Testament.
Islam accept many of Judaism's beliefs and practices.
Ancestor of the ancient Israelites.

Abraham and his family migrated from Mesopotamia to Canaan.
Today, the countries of Lebanon, Israel, and Jordan.

The Hebrew Bible states that God told Abraham to go to Canaan and worship the one true God. In return, God promised that the land would belong to him and his descendants.

The Land of Canaan
Moses and the Exodus
As the Israelite population increased the Egyptian pharaoh grew uneasy.

He feared they would rebel.

To prevent this, the Egyptians reduced them to slavery.
Who were the Canannites?
Moses died before reaching the promised land. Joshua guided the Israelites into Canaan.

They found the Canannites living their....later the Philistines.
These people of Canaan worshiped many gods.

The Phoenicians:
skilled sailors and traders.
eventually, controlled Mediterranean shipping and trade.
greatest contribution, Phoenician alphabet.
The Land of Canaan
Military Conquests:
Battle of Jericho
Joshua told the Israelites to march around the city walls. For six days, they marched. On the seventh day, "Joshua commanded the people, 'Shout, for the LORD has given you the city...At the sound of the trumpet, when the people gave a loud shout, the wall collapsed."

Joshua led the Israelites in other battles, and any land seized was divided among the 12 tribes.

Fighting Judges (political and military leaders who ruled the tribes:
The Covenant
The 10 Commandments
God promised to return the Israelites safely to Canaan and they promised to follow God's teachings. (covenant: agreement with God)

Moses climbed Mt. Sinai and received the teachings. (Known as the Torah. The 10 Commandments were part of this.)

The 10 Commandments later helped shape the moral principles of many nations.
Chapter 6
The Israelites

Bell Ringer: 5 Word Prediction
1. Blood
2. Death
3. Flies
4. Frogs
5. Locusts
Moses and the Exodus
While Moses was tending sheep in the wilderness (desert) outside of Egypt, God called to Moses through a burning bush.

He told Moses to tell the pharaoh to let the Israelites go.
Moses and the Exodus
God sent 10 plagues.
After the 10th (death of 1st born) the pharaoh decided to let them go.
God parted the Red Sea.

Jews celebrate their freedom: Passover.

The Philistines
One of the groups known as the "Sea People" who invaded the Mediterranean.

Migrated from present-day Greece.

They were skilled at making iron tools and weapons, which helped them create the strongest army in Canaan.

Kept their own language and religion.
The Land of Canaan
Life in Canaan:

Most Israelites farmed and herded animals.

Lived in housed with two levels. The walls of the houses were made of mud-brick or stone plastered with mud and white-washed.

During the day, people cooked and did household chores in the lower level. At night, donkeys and goats bedded down there.

The family slept in the upper level.
The Land of Canaan
The Israelites worshiped God in a large tent-like structure called the tabernacle.

They believed that the tabernacle housed God's presence.

The tabernacle housed a sacred object called the Ark of the Covenant. The ark, a gold-covered wooden chest held tablets.

The Israelites believed that the 10 Commandments were written on these tablets.

They believed the ark was a sign of God's presence and having it with them in battle would ensure victory.
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