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By: KayLeigh Lasek & Richard Mahan

No description

KayLeigh Lasek

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of By: KayLeigh Lasek & Richard Mahan

Long Term Dangers!
Low Dosage: *Restlessness
*Decresed Appetite
*Dialated Pupils
*Dry Mouth/Nose
*Mood Swings
*Boosted Confidence

Short Term Dangers!
There are many Slang Names for Amphetamines. You should be aware of these in case anyone offers you something. Some of these names are listed below.
Slang Names
By: KayLeigh Lasek & Richard Mahan
Amphetamines are a part of the Stimulant Drug Family. This drug increases certain chemicals in the Central Nervous System, increases heart rate and blood pressure, and decreases appetite.
Drug Family
Generally, Amphetamines come in capsules, tablets, or a powder form. But, it now comes in a new smokable version- which is more dangerous than Crack and users can stay high for up to 30 hours. These drugs can be swollowed, dissolved, or injected.
What Does It Look Like and how is it used?
-Black/ Blue Mollies
-Road Dope
-Pep Pills
-Wake Ups
*Boosted Motivation
*Incresed Talking
*Repetion of Tasks
*Chest Pain
*Shortness of Breath
*Increased Breathing Rate
*Slurred Speach
Higher Dosage:
*Blurred Vision
*Loss of Coordination
*Rapid, Pounding Heart
*Violent, Agressive Behavior
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