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3D Printing

No description

Pierre Ritoux

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of 3D Printing

3D Printing
Cartridges :
How does it work, possibilities, boundaries
Chuck Hull - founder of 3D Systems on March 1986
I/ The Technology :

- FDM Fuse Deposition Model
- SLA : UV light solidify liquid plasic layers

Operator draws a model on a CAD (Computer Assisted Design) and then print it

Technologies :
printing in layers
-Other materials : nylon, play-doh, thermoplastics, nutella, chocolate, concrete...


=> only prototypes production
=> impossible to print semi-conductors
Boundaries :
Why it is innovating
11/ A successful
Growing Business

Various opportunities for businessmen :

3D printer manufacturers
3D printer resellers (kit or assembled)
In stores 3D printing services
Software for 3D modeling
3D file libraries makers
Print on-demand platforms
Training and consulting
Due to
three main factors

the customization potential
the ease of creation
the quality

And what the business
will become !
B2B business over B2C one, in short term
- prototyping & small mass production
- printers in every household by 2040

A revolution in the industrial market
- new business to be created
- while others will disappear

III/ What does it change ?
"3D printing that has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything. So [...] I ask this Congress to help create a network of fifteen of these 3D printing centers and guarantee that the next revolution in manufacturing is Made in America." - B. Obama 2013
Pros :
- fast and cost effective :
reduce production cost 97% and time by 83% - US army
- complexity is free :
- full customisation :
it is the products that fits the client's need and not the needs of the client that are shaped to the product
A new consumerism ?
- cuts out the middle men
- build non bankable products
- open source
3D printed vertebra
WREX : Emma's magic arms
Cons and drifts :
- end of the labor
- intellectual properties
- anarchism and
possible danger
The Liberator
Cody Wilson
How the business is now..
Technology & Applications
Bussiness & Markets
Future & Trends
Made by:
David Casado
Camille Marroffino
Pierre Ritoux
100 000 printers sold in the world in 2014
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