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Melissa Seaman

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Recruiting

Digital Marketing Strategies for Associate Recruiting and Engagement
My primary focus is based on developing a well rounded Recruitment Strategy for
GoodLife Fitness
. This research will allow me to evaluate current digital marketing trends to capture a larger audience and in return, increase applicants via digital marketing influences. GoodLife Fitness has an escalating annual hiring quota, so increasing hiring potential via modern day approaches in the Digital Marketing realm is ideal. Through this presentation, I will take you through a four pronged digital strategy for Talent Acquisition Specialists that will hopefully engage potential hires and ignite applicants. The secondary focus is based on associate engagement, resulting in increased retention for GoodLife – creating a successful “
cycle of life
” type approach.
4 Pronged Recruiting Strategy
Optimize Talent Community to Increase Hiring Potential
(ATS - Jobs2Web by Success Factors)
Optimize the Mobile
Recruiting Strategy
(ATS - Jobs2Web by Success Factors)
Optimize the Social Media Strategy
Talent Acquisition Specialists (TAS) need to increase reach and communication through all Social Media channels. Global recruiters agree – social professional networks are the fastest growing source of quality hires. By staying connected with the seekers, the hiring process will become much faster and more efficient.
** Overall objective is to engage, increase hiring traffic and gather valuable data for tracking and measurement.

Optimize Careers Content via GoodLife Website
GoodLife's homepage lacks career presence and information. To increase recruitment numbers and awareness, GoodLife requires a stronger call to action and responsive design.
Personal Training alone has an increased
quota of
750 new hires
this new fiscal.
Retention is low.
The GoodLife Careers Page has recently been updated with refreshed content and creative but requires additional incentive attention to engage and drive more applicants.


Showcase the BENEFITS
of being a GoodLife Associate – build site map page linking to YouTube or Vimeo short videos featuring trailers of our Top 500 Awards, Awards Gala, 30 Rocks Concert featuring Tragically Hip at the Air Canada Centre, GoodLife’s Super Success Program, GoodLife Personal Training Institute, GoodLife Leadership Excellence Program, Achievers 50 Most Engaged Workplaces Awards, EAP, Basecamps etc.
This angle is to engage and demonstrate our culture. The end goal is to increase the desire to apply and be part of Canada's #1 Fitness Company.

Boost Referral Rewards Program
– Earnings of up to $500 per successful hire.
Increase awareness by adding incentive banner ads - linking to a Referral Rewards Program Microsite with data tracking components. Monitor these stats for future advantage points.

• Applicant Acceptance Bounce Back Email
(50% Off Reebok apparel, receive a copy of our digital GoodTimes Magazine and be entered into a WIN A TRIP contest through Air Canada) after applying. These incentives are to engage and increase applicants. They can be advertised through social media channels linking directly to Jobs2Web, GoodLife's Website, GoodLife TV and member E-newletter.

• Optimize the job profiles and add video testimonials
– additional feature to add sitemap chart on growth potential from that position that will link to that particular job profile overview

– Identify and optimize new and different job titles. New and potential candidates could be searching different keywords and/or phrases.

GoodLife Recruiting SWOT Analysis
• Team of Talent Acquisition Specialists
• GoodLife Brand Strength
• Company Culture
• Growth Potential
• Benefits
(ie: Free Membership)
• On going training programs
• Variety of recruiting resources – ATS system (jobs2Web), career fairs, some social media influences, referral etc.
• Qualifications and awards
• Over 300 locations across Canada
• Networks – canfitpro, lesmills, UHN
• High attrition rate – in the clubs
• High pressure sales
• Lack of referrals
• Competition
• Wages
• Under-developed trending strategies like social media
• Reputation – Word of mouth
• ATS digital advancement
• Location growth
• Multicultural Marketing opportunities
• Social Media Influence
• Advance Mobile strategies
• Competitors look vulnerable
• Acquisitions
• Staff training and development

• Competitors
• Poor referrals
• Loss of important staff
• Competitors benefits and incentives
• Technology advancements leave GoodLife looking too traditional
• A new competitor entering the market

The use of mobile has exploded and it shows no signs of slowing down. In 2012, mobile data traffic was nearly twelve times the size of the entire global Internet in 2000! Another startling stat is that by the end of this year, the number of mobile-connected devices will exceed the number of people on earth! GoodLife currently hosts it's mobile recruiting platform through Jobs2Web but it has been a secondary digital marketing priority. You will note by the current statistics and design, that this individual prong of the potential strategy needs immediate attention. Only 27%
of our candidates are influenced by our mobile channel.
• Revise mobile landing page to best represent the GoodLife brand – integrate campaign video links and/or graphics to expose culture.
• Add referral adverts to current mobile platform. with referral promo banner ads (simple static creative for engagement purposes
• Reduce profile copy – short and to the point and add video component detailing that particular job.
• Add career fair locations and dates to those targeted areas
• Add push notification component if candidates accept notifications – they will be sent text or emails alerts with new jobs openings and career fair information.
• Similar to McDonalds mobile app strategy, create a careers tab option in our already existing GoodLife Fitness app – this will save money and reach a wider audience.
• Optimize the mobile apply process – eliminate the process of submitting resumes and cover letters, it’s a major turnoff for active candidates. Allowing candidates to submit their Linked In profiles will increase mobile applications.

Social Channels Allow:
• Humanize voice
• Connects on higher emotional level – resisting commodity and pressure
• Moves trust and preference
• Demonstrates our responsibility to friendships
• Associates to become powerful advocates – WOM (word of mouth)

Best Practices for Social Recruiting has Three
Points of Promise:
1. Content Strategy
2. Visual Content
3. Talent Pool

Channel Synergy with Differentiated Content
Choice social channels for GoodLife:
• Facebook
• YouTube
• Twitter
• Linked In

Social influence will focus on:
• Adding Recruiter bios – aligned to brand standards
• Post jobs via social networks
• Creating a Career Microsite (Social recruitment landing page app on Facebook tab)
• Refresh content regularly to keep candidates and employees engaged - every piece of content should relate to GoodLife's values.
• Display promise and culture
• Post testimonials or links to video testimonials
• Highlight call to actions to the talent community site – jobs2web with detailed job descriptions
• Highlight benefits and referral program

Developing own Careers Microsite tab off the homepage
(eventually to replace Jobs2Web)
Will feature:
• Job profiles and growth potential charts
• GoodLife Career Fair listings
• Referral & Associate Rewards Programs
• Incentive Promos for applying
• Library of culture videos
• Award Recognitions
• Testimonials
• Locations
• Introduce a new forum for internship applicants (never implemented before)
• Introduce a Fit Finder Questionnaire Application

Great Companies to follow for Career Site Inspiration:
• Apple


• Google

• Spotify

https://www.spotify.com/us/jobs/ (love this design)

Associate Engagement & Retention
There is no question that one of the biggest issues in today’s work place is engagement. Recent studies have suggested that up to 70% of employees are actively disengaged during the workday. With the estimated cost 450-500 Billion dollars at stake, disengagement is affecting the bottom line through those hidden expenses we don’t think about. Areas like: absenteeism, low productivity, increased accidents, sabotaging work and associate turnover are all affected by employees and their lack of engagement. At GoodLife, engagement and retention strategies have been identified as a major area seeking improvement. With multiple departments within the master brand, GoodLife needs to evaluate a more unified and community like approach.
Optimizing internal digital strategies will effectively increase engagement and retention – which will add incentive and benefit to recruiting potential candidates – “GoodLife’s Associate Cycle of Life”.

Develop an Intranet Social Engagement Forum/Internal Microsite
Will feature:
• Real time news
• Health & Wellness blogs suited to culture
• Convert the GoodTimes Associate Magazine to a digitized format and apply it here (this will cut costs).
• Speak out forum
• Town Hall feedback
• Integrate Learning Development programs
• New associate on-boarding programs
• Surveys
• Gamification – Rewards points system & loyalty Program

Following this 4 pronged digital recruiting strategy with additional engagement communication channels should optimize our hiring potential and increase retention. I believe if we follow my research, GoodLife will set a new benchmark and could trend as experts to follow in this realm of business. Competitors will have a difficult time recruiting our staff, if we provide all necessities to keep our people enticed, engaged and excited to grow with the company.
• Stokes, R. (2011). E-marketing: The essential guide to digital marketing. (4th ed.). Quirk (Pty) Ltd. Retrieved from http://www.quirk.biz/emarketingtextbook

• Linked In Associate Advocacy strategy for companies
People Linx Webinar - turn your employees into social marketers

• 2013 Global Recruiting Trends – Linked in Talent Solutions. Retrieved from http://business.linkedin.com/talent-solutions/c/14/2/global-trends-corporate.html

• Mobile Recruiting Playbook - Everything You Need to Kickstart Your
Mobile Recruiting Strategy – Linked in Talent Solutions

• Personal Interview / conference call with GoodLife’s Director of HR Recruiting services

• Jobvite – The Essential Guide to Developing a Social Recruiting Strategy

• ZAO – All-in-one Guide to Employee Referral Programs. Retrieved from www.zao.com
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