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Nick Kleber

No description

Nick Kleber

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of Nick Kleber

Nick Kleber
Public Relations Specialist
what is it?
Promotes or helps create good will for individuals, groups, or organizations by writing or selecting favorable publicity material and releasing it through communications media
Why for me?
-its a big job where you are heavily relied upon but when done right can really help out a company
-I enjoy working with current events and media to benefit the greater good
Average Earnings
In North Carolina, the average annual wage for this job is 55,840, and its easy to work your way up in this position to a PR Manager
Military Opportunities
PR and Media officers to keep public informed about the military
skills needed
Mainly consists of reading, writing, speaking, critical thinking, active learning and monitoring
(no maths or sciences)
Nick Kleber
Opportunity Range
widespread options of places
to work and fields to specialize in, whether its big time companies, military, or local businesses
Specialties of interest
media specialist: teaches technology training, runs social media pages, plans for the future of media
Environmental Communications Specialist
-Disseminates information on environmental issues and events on behalf of their organization
-help bring positive image to corporations
Speech Writer
prepares speeches that will be delivered by others
example, the president may have a speech writer prepare his speeches for the public
what this taught me
I found a job that i actually have
a genuine interest in and am looking
forward to hopefully pursuing this
A person in this career...
-responds to requests for information
from the media
-plans or directs development or communication programs to maintain favorable public perceptions
-mostly requires being inside
-speaking clearly and being understood by others
-identifying and understanding speech of another person
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