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Here are the fully meaning of e-commerce. so lets start watching! ^_^

Muhammad Faray

on 18 May 2013

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Transcript of E-Commerce

and there are many ways to achieve success ne of them is with... or maybe across the universe but there are several reasons that make e-commerce can be made across the universe and we will discuss thoroughly about e-commerce in ... The E-Commerce by
Muhammad Faray
Muhammad Nabil Fadhlurrahman E e r m m o - e c c Everyone would want to have success with e-commerce, you can sell your wares all over the ... World that you can sell your merchandise up to the universe but you can use internet to sell your merchandise until the universe this can be means you can sell your stuff if you can connect to internet or other network e-commerce explains... and if your business began to advance, you can make a small company for first, you can make your business from your home and we make an example of a stage in your business and if your business began to advance, you can make a good future from your company a BIG company, and your stock will be recorded by stock observers that can make you famous for your great stock from your a small company, your business will be a medium company that is... but you need a (or maybe few) strategy to make your stock rise up or if not, your business will go bankrupt or even worse, your efforts will be useless So there is some plan to make your business rocketing but what is e-commerce? but you have problem, that is because now people have bought over the internet rather than come straight to the place so you can use your internet Following these words we can easily know that e-commerce is... a type of industry where buying and selling of product or service is conducted over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks interesting consequences DO YOU NOW SEE THE YOUR FUTURE OF YOUR BUSINESS? but how to make a successful business from e-commerce? actually it's easy and also difficult because you need an idea to make your business success because the people in this modern age requires a brilliant idea Produce a new breakthrough that has never occurred to the people before that idea is to make something different or new, and also unique a bit difficult, isn't it? but it can be challenge to make your business success so what you must do is : and you were the one who created your own strategy imagine that you have a stuff that you want to sell and you can use social network like facebook, tweeter, blogger, wordpress, or maybe your own website although there is no person who sells goods to the universe yet there are some examples of e-commerce in Indonesia, such as : Here are some video of e-commerce but in e-commerce you can do something more An unlimited transaction and there are some examples of e-commerce that go international, like : E-commerce also has advantages, such as Lower costs
Shortening the product cycle time
Improve customer loyalty
Increase the value chain but e-commerce also have weakness, like : security issues
illegal access to information systems (hacking) web site until the destruction of data theft.
Incompatibility type and quality of goods promised,
Inaccuracy time of delivery of goods
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