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From Tragedy to Resiliency: The Guinsaugon Journey

A collaborative governance presentation to the PGAS Module of PMDP MMC.


on 3 August 2014

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Transcript of From Tragedy to Resiliency: The Guinsaugon Journey

Mayor Rico Rentuza; shared leadership among MDCC
Consequential Incentives
- limited funds
- weak LGU capacity on DRR and CCA
-absence of early warning system
- highly susceptible to landslide
- vulnerable to hazards
-supportive donor community
Contingency Plan and Disaster Preparedness (CPDP) and DRRM Program was accomplished thru proactive approach and support from NGOs such as CARE Philippines, GTZ, and Phil. National Red Cross
Reactivation of the Municipal Disaster Coordinating Council (MDCC) thru the following interactive processes:
- Revealing of shared interests ex. Hazard assessments done by PHILVOCS, MGB and NGOs like CARE Philippines
- articulation of the common goal and vision of a "resilient St. Bernard"
- MDCC as a "safe space" that enabled exchange of "meaningful voice" of stakeholders
- formulation of Brgy. Devt. Planning thru workshop every month by means of multi-sectoral particpation
Shared Motivation
The people of Guinsaugon wishes to thank all the countries and the people who stand side-by-side with us during the scariest moment of our lives and helped us stand again as part of this civilization.

- Eugenio Coquilla
Barangay Captain
The MDCC and stakeholders interaction, through the meetings, series of training conducted, projects implemented together, fostered trust, mutual understanding, internal legitimacy, and shared commitment that generated and sustained their shared motivation of having a "resilient St. Bernard."
Collaborative Outcomes
From Tragedy to Resiliency: The Guinsaugon Journey

Collaborative Actions
Incorporation of Disaster Preparedness in the Executive-Legislative Agenda;
Implementation of capacity building programs;
Formation of community organization;
Livelihood programs and resettlement projects;
Updated Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP)
Formulation of the Barangay Development Planning
Flood early warning system
Food facility Programs
Various CCA adaptation actions such as reforestation, livelihood forestry, establishment of mangrove greenbelt
Reduced risk and vulnerability of St. Bernard against hazards
Alternative livelihoods
Improved human capabilities
Recognized excellence of St. Bernard
Awarded 2008 Gawad Kalasag Award
Nominated at the 2011 UN SASAKAWA Award for Disaster Reduction
Adequate financial and human resources
Sustained multi-sectoral participation
Minimized damage and no casualty when another disaster take place (Badly hit by YOLANDA but NO CASUALTY! - NDRRMC Data)
Strengthened climate resiliency
Improved well-being of residents
Resilient St. Bernard!
System Context
4th Class Municipality
25k+ population; 30 barangays
Surrounded by 5 other municipalities
Limited financial and human resources
Hit by the worst landslide in Southern Leyte caused by:
Tectonic weakening
Disintegration of land mass
Rock-slide avalanche
Vulnerable to various hazards
Typhoon, Flooding, Earthquake, Tsunami, Liquefaction, and Storm Surge

Capacity for Joint Action
Collaborative Dynamics
Collaborative Governance Regime
Principled Engagement
Through the leadership of Mayor Rentuza, the MDCC, paved the way for all stakeholders (internal and external) to converge. This convergence enabled them to share their human, financial and technical resources for the people of St. Bernard.

The 2008 Gawad Kalasag award proved that they were able to generate a capacity of joint action, and sustain the initiatives towards a shared purpose of a "resilient St. Bernard."
"This killed our capacity to dream again and even shattered our faith!" - Mayor Rico Rentuza
Mayor Rico Rentuza
Vulnerable to various hazards.
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