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iPad Usage in the Classroom

Tech Tuesdays Presentation

Mindy Hutton

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of iPad Usage in the Classroom

Using iPads in the Classroom
"The 21st Century is not coming...it's here."
Why should we use them?
iPads in the Classroom
What does the research say?

Let's find some!


Effects of iPad usage
in the classroom
How can I make that work?
I only have 1 iPad...
A Whole Class Set!!
Let's try some!
iPad Tips and Tricks
Split Keyboard
Numbers and symbols
Screen capture
Multi-finger gestures
In-app purchases
Side switch
Keyboard shortcuts
Find My iPad
Underpowered USB docks
Caps-lock ON
Hidden characters
.com key
Top of screen
iCloud/re-installing apps
Exit out of inactive apps to save battery
Wireless Slate
Paired with a document camera
Use as a reward--students "buy" time
Slideshow for "accidental learning"
Small group/whole group
Reading apps
But, how can I be fair?
Put student names in a cup--each child gets the iPad for one day/hour
Rotate through stations
30 apps in 30 minutes
App Party!
QR Codes...
What are they?
Let's make one!
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