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Rhetoric in "Deliberate" by Amy Uyematsu

No description

Molly Offstein

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Rhetoric in "Deliberate" by Amy Uyematsu

observing teenagers in LA, which caused her to reflect on what it is like to be a teenager
Poem is directed to mainly
young adults (teenagers)
specifically age 16
teenage girls
live in the city
To inform people of the thrill of being a teenage girl living in the city
To show that teenagers try to put on a fake identity/image but are all ordinary people at the end of the day
The subject is
a group of teenagers going out for a night in L.A
teenagers trying to "fit in"
Tone words
Amy Uyematsu
grew up in Southern California
her poetry grows out of conflict between her wish to belong to the culture around her and her strong sense of ethnic identity (Japanese)
educated-high school math teacher
Experienced in poetry

30 Miles from J-Town; Nights of Fire, Nights of Rain; and Stone Bow Prayer
Rhetoric in "Deliberate" by Amy Uyematsu
The author appeals to ethos in many ways.
She is well experienced in poetry
She is a math teacher which shows she is educated
She also grew up around L.A which relates to the subject of the poem and shows that she knows what it's like to be a teenage girl in the city
The author appeals to logos by using experiences/feelings that teenagers can easily relate to
teenagers go out often with their friends
"want so bad to be cool"
"move in packs"
The author appeals to pathos by creating a warm/happy mood by evoking emotion and excitement from readers
"next to Daddy's muddy gardening shoes"
"remember how we paint our eyes"
The author uses lots of imagery in the poem to help readers visualize what the teenagers were wearing and how they were acting
"sassy black high heels"

"Daddy's muddy gardening shoes" stands as a symbol in the poem for the ordinary life of the teenagers or their true identity
Was this Poem Rhetorically Effective??
Yes! The author used appeals to ethos, logos, and pathos. She also used other rhetorical devices such as imagery and symbolism that helps get the message of the poem across to readers. She most effectively appeals to Logos because her intended audience, teenagers, can easily relate to the situation and feelings of the teenagers in the poem. She also has a specific occasion, purpose, subject, and audience and creates the poem's tone well.
How do teenagers try to "fit in"?
So by sixteen we move in packs
learn to strut and slide
in deliberate lowdown rhythm
talk in a syn/co/pa/ted beat
because we want so bad
to be cool, never to be mistaken
for white, even when we leave
these rowdier L.A streets-
remember how we paint our eyes
like gangsters
flash our legs in nylons
sassy black high heels
or two inch zippered boots
stack them by the door at night
next to Daddy's muddy gardening shoes
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