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Teen Suicide

No description

Alyssa D

on 24 February 2013

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Transcript of Teen Suicide

Teen Suicide Why Teenagers commit Suicide D'Arcy Lyness, the author of "Suicide" said that teens that attempt to commit suicide feel like there is no way to escape a situation other than death. They might feel emotions like anger, sadness, guilt, or rejection as a result of a situation like the death of a loved one or a bad grade. Most teens learn to handle situations and emotions, but others cannot. So what makes suicidal teens unable to cope with certain situations? The answer is that most teens who have suicidal thoughts suffer from depression. What Depression Is Depression affects a person's thoughts so they are unable to see the "bright side" of situations. It causes them to focus on disapointments and failures. It is a mental illness that makes a person suffer from extreme sadness all the time. Teenagers are vulnerable to depression because of all the changes happening like the hormones and also the change in their sleep cycle stated D'Arcy Lyness, the author of "Suicide". This is a treatable illness if the right help is given. What is Suicide? According to Dictionary.com, suicide is the intentional taking of one's own life How Suicide is Done Kevin Caruso says that the most common method used for suicide is firearms in the article "Suicide Statistics". It is also the most common method men use. In over half of all suicidal deaths a firearm is used. They also stated that the second most used method is hanging and suffocation. The next most common method is poisoning. Overdosing on drugs is an example of this method. This also was said by Suicide.org. The last most common method that Suicide.org says is falling such as jumping off of a building. Signs That Somebody is Thinking About Suicide D'Arcy Lyness says that some warning signs that somebody is seriously considering suicide are if they talk about death in general, feeling hopeless, or "going away". Also if they start to give away their items because they "won't be needing" them. Another sign is if they lose the desire to spend time with friends and family. They often times don't want to go out or participate in their favorite activities. Especially teens have trouble thinking clearly or concentrating when they are depressed or have suicidal thoughts. Lastly, if they start to take part in self destructive behaivior like drinking, doing drugs, smoking, or cutting. Statistics According to Suicide.org, a non-profit organization and website, a person between the ages of 15 and 24 dies from a suicide every 2 hours and 12 minutes (2001). In the same age group, suicide was the 3rd leading cause of death in 2001. In 2004, there were 32,439 suicides total and 4,316 of them were related to teens. For teenagers, suicide is the third leading cause of death. Events That Can Trigger Suicidal Thoughts in a Teenager D'Arcy Lyness also said that there are sometimes difficult situations that teenagers have to face, and they don't know how to cope with the emotions that come with it. Some examples of problems that could cause suicidal thoughts are the death of a parent or divorce of parents. Another example would be breaking up with a boyfriend/girlfriend or moving. Also not being accepted/bullied by classmates or having the feeling of being ridiculed. They could have suicidal thoughts if there is drug or alcohol abuse in the family. First Hand Accounts of a Teen Suicide Cynthia Montgomery lost her son when he was only 14 years old because he committed suicide. She noticed signs when he was a toddler. When her son was in 4th grade, the parents started to seek medical help. There was never an exact illness placed on him because he was still developing.They went to a therapist but the problem grew and grew and he seemed to be unhappy all the time. He then had a suicide crisis in the fifth grade. He was almost institutionalized. When he went into middle school, he was doing better and he was a straight A student and had a lot of friends. Then when he went into high school, he had to face challenges that he didn't know how to cope with two months into high school he took his life. Works Cited
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("Firearm.") ("Ruska donacija srpskom narodu. Od Konuzina s ljubavlju!") ("Antidepressesants Linked to Suicide and Violence." ) ("Jumping off a Building.") ("Have you ever cut yourself for fun? As in cutting yourself.") ("CDC: Teen drinking and driving rates cut in half.") ("Facts About Teen Depression.") (Guns Make It so Easy For Teens to Kill Themselves) Approximately 5000 teens commit suicide each year. For every suicide, between 100 and 200 people attempt it.
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