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Removing the C.R.A.P Glasses: The Cure to Optical Rectumitis

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Jennifer Marszalski

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Removing the C.R.A.P Glasses: The Cure to Optical Rectumitis

Removing the C.R.A.P Glasses The Cure to Optical Rectumitis 1. Forces of C.R.A.P: Understand forces behind change 2. Going behind C.R.A.P: Recognize impact of change 3. Seeing C.R.A.P for what it is: Discover reactions to change Can't Readily Absorb Positivity 4. Removing the C.R.A.P: Take ownership and implement change 5. Guiding people through the C.R.A.P: Lead people through change 6. Life after C.R.A.P: Wrap up Forces of C.R.A.P: Understanding forces behind change Change Agents Organizational change is generally a result of environmental changes

These changes are inevitable but the cost and consequences are manageable Going behind the C.R.A.P: Recognizing the impact of change Change is Hard Why is Change so Hard? Discovering reactions to change Seeing C.R.A.P for what it is Stages of Change Shock Anger

Action Resistance

Emotional drive behaviours
Typical behaviours: politicking, gossiping and job searching
Impacts: engagement and focus
Decreased productivity and service levels
Increases in errors, illness and long term sick leave Behavioural Actions Emotional Reactions Status
Fairness You can only lead people as far as you've come yourself Step 1: Understand the Change

Step 2: Identify Benefits and Opportunities

Step3: Choose your action Guiding People Through the C.R.A.P Leading people through change Life After C.R.A.P Wrap up 4 Best Practices Increase visibility and approach

Emphasize candor and transparency

Understand and accept reactions to change

Match your actions to employee emotions
Why Is Change so hard?
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