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Video Game Developer

By Xavian Cox

Xavian Cox

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Video Game Developer

What Is It ? Video Game Developer What A VIDEO GAME DEVELOPER DOES? CORE OBJECTIVE - The programers write Computer Codes that control gameplay

- Graphic artists design characters, backgrounds, and other aspects for the game's overall look

- Sound designers create sound effects and music for games

- Writers develop the overall story making the plot, text and dialogue

- Producers and managers over see the work how and where do they work - They are employed by video game producing companies or self employed

- Video Game developers work from computers in a studio as a team or as an
individual from home

- When working as a team, they work as one with there specific teams and interact with each other in the end.

-Programmers are together, Artists work as one and the others are put to there corresponding groups.

- Most work nine to ten hours a day and weekend work is pretty much the same
- Traveling to different conferences, about video games may be required in this work field. Workplace information SALARIES In Detail -For junior Video Game Developers at the beginning of their careers they make $30,000 to $55,000 for yearly earnings

- For senior Video Game Developers they make around $60,000 to $100,000 for yearly earnings

- Also the earnings depend on the experience, talent, employer and position

- Musicians and artists usually earn less money than programmers and project managers What type of education Is needed -College/Technical Education can be taken to get to this job.

- The University route can be taken as well.

- Education requirements are different depending on the position

-The correct programs are required to proceed into this type of career for programming and animation
- There isn't a requirements for play testers Educational Path Attributes and abilities Required In Detail of what YOU need To
Succeed - You will need to be creative

- Being able to work well with a team which is usually with a group of twenty

- It is best to know common knowledge about video games

- You would have to know a good amount of pop-culture, entertainment and also a basic amount of technology

- A business background would be appreciative to most companies in the video game developing industry THANK YOU ! Presented And Created BY Xavian Cox The Reason why I choose thIs career - I know alot about video gameS

- Most of my lIfe I have been around video games

-I LIke to Create Enviroment Whos Hiring? The big organization of Ubisoft is hiring. after opening up there new 3d Motion Capture Studio in Toronto

- 2k is Hiring and Small Video Game Organizations in Japan
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