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No description

bryan deal

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of wolves

Wolves wolves hunt in packs. they take down larger prey with their large packs. a large wolf can be 3 feet tall and 62 inches long. they can weigh more than 100 pounds.females are always smaller than males. they have long legs and big feet to make it easier to run in snow or mud and to run alot faster. they have long hair, almost 5 inches long, to help with rain. wolves hunt to the color of there fur. so if the grass is grey the grey wolves would more likely hunt there so he can belnd in with the grass and get prey easier. during a hunt the wolves howl to let each other where they are at but they dont always catch there prey. the gray wolf is the largest of the canid species. but they might not, however, survive mankind. there are tons of different kinds of wolves but i will name a few: gray wolf, arctic wolf, tundra wolf, arabian wolf, and many others. the gray wolf most wolves live in north america. but there are also wolves that live other places to but mostly north america. the wolf live in packs of 6-10 and they have there territory and they know when there territory ends and another begins by the scent of smell. the wolf makes his home in a den, lair, cave, hollow tree trunk, thicket or a hole in the ground dug by himself. the primary food source of wolves is deer and rabbits and than pretty much anything that is an animal and they sometimes eat fish also. they say that wolves actually dont kill humans its when they do if they feel threatend or you try to hurt them, thats when they attack. there is wolf conservations that they try to help wolves and they feed them and give them land to live on. they help the wolves the best they can cuz some wolves are begining to become extinct. here is a reservation for wolves a wolf howling wolves usually live around where their is food and a water source near by. the gray wolf was almost exstincked cuz of how we kellied them and poisoned them for no reason at all. the gray wolf survived the ice age and has been threw alot and there are tons of wolves that have been threw alot of bull krap so i think we should stop killing them. THE END
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