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Milleny C-Santos

No description

Shawn Groves

on 6 November 2018

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Transcript of Milleny C-Santos

Milleny C-Santos Cannonball Project
The Cannonball is a vintage motorcycle race across the United States. The bikes had to be 1929 motorcycles.

The motorcycle is an Indian Scout and the motorcycle is called The Pride Runner.
Mr. Rinker and his friends Justin and Jared with there motorcycle.
We will follow the Romney Racer.
September 8: Portland Maine
The racer starts here.
The food truck Eat Bite Into Maine is one of the famous trucks.
September 9: Keene, NH
The Romney racers second destination.
Keene,NH has luck for lady bugs.
It is a public search university.
September 10: Binghamton,NY
There third day of the Cannonball Race.
September 11: Jamestown,NY
Day 4 will take them 218 miles to Chillicothe, Ohio and to flatter land.
Jamestown, founded in 1607,was the first successful permantent English settlement in what would would become United States .
September 12: Bowling Green,NY
Tomorrow's day will take them from Chillicothe, Ohio 223 miles to Bloomington, indiana.
Bowling Green is a city in southern Kenturcky.
September 13: Kanakee,IL
It is there 6Th day of the race for about 20 miles they ran out of gas.
The country name for Kanakee,IL is Illinois.
September 14: Anamosa,IA
The racers finely got to Anamosa,IL.
The museum has all kinds of motorcycle to look at and to see about them.
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