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Balfour Beatty Apprenticeships - the journey

No description

sarah powell

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of Balfour Beatty Apprenticeships - the journey

'Fitted interiors' (Kitchen & bathroom fitting)
Painters & Decorators
'Maintenance Operations' (suited to short periods of time on-site)
Wall & Floor Tiling
'General Construction Operations' Electrical Installation
Heating & Ventilation/Commercial Installation
Gas Services
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Plumbing I.T.
Business Admin
Customer Service
1. Identify key local providers and start linking in with them.

2. (Concurrently) link in with relevant Mansell colleagues, incl. Contracts Manager & point of contact for delivery phase. Identify schedule of works (existing and upcoming).

3. Formalise links with providers. 1. Take a typical resource programme for a construction project.
2. Identify the number of people that will be required on site for all trades, during each week of the contract.
3. Add together the total number of people that will be on site for the whole of the contract.
4. Apply the % commitment you will making to the client to the number you calculate in step 3.
5. This is your FTE.
calculating commitments: commitment to client numbers of apprentices: % of a sub-contractors workforce on site, for the contract, will be made up of apprentices; usually 5-8%.

% commitment translated into no. apprenticeship weeks and the FTE. More accurate calculation of outputs - based on total no. labour weeks in a contract. Helps avoids overpromising & under-delivering approx. 4 weeks approx. 4 weeks

approx. 4 weeks approx. 6 - 8 weeks Enquiries: sub-contractors Include reference to apprenticeship commitment, (& anything else), in enquiry form.
Provide info on all costs.
Ask sub-contractors what they can bring to the contract in terms of regen, e.g. existing apprenticeship scheme.

Mechanical & Engineering: Office-based: Craft: Placement of orders: Sub-contractors selected. MANSELL sends each one a 'commitments' form; an appendix to their order.
Sub-contractors sign and return the form to Mansell.
MANSELL sends all completed forms to ES, once a week, along with following info:
- value of contract awarded
- estimated start/finish dates on site
- subbie contact details
ES will contact each subbie (who has signed form) to arrange meeting to discuss needs/requirements.

Penalty for non-compliance: overlooked for future contracts. Meetings with sub-contractors: Timescales: how long on site.
Other contracts: with Mansell & BBGrp.
Occupations on site: identify suitable, available opportunities, that link to an existing framework.
Recruitment & selection: identify what needed from an apprentice, e.g. driving license.
H&S: H&S audit & Employer's Liability Certificate.
Duty of care: ES explains their role/responsibility, (same scenario as work experience placement).
Payment arrangements: Costs made transparent. Agree ES fee, plus arrangements for invoicing.
Identify other regen activities sub-contractor can support, e.g. work experience placements. Sub-contractor costs: Apprentice salary: at least minimum wage - agreed with sub-contractor. 1st year £2.50 p.h., but no guidance beyone yr 1.
NI & Holiday pay contributions.
Management fee to ES: 10% of apprentice wages & holiday pay contributions. Covers (only) ES admin costs, e.g. payroll, invoicing, recruitment.
If want someone 19yrs+, may be asked to contribute to college costs. £500 p.a. (craft) - £750 p.a. (mechanical).
Travel costs: depends on individual circumstance. Establishing contractual leverage: Assistance needed from Mansell: Visit sub-contractors with ES:
Re-affirms message Mansell is committed to apprenticeships and will take action on non-compliance.
Mansell has existing relationship with sub-contractors.

Identify someone as central point of contact for ES, to help resolve any issues. the journey ... Recruitment process:

Details of these candidates sent to 'host employer'.
Host employer decides who they want to interview.
ES arranges interviews for candidates selected.
Sub-contractor runs the interview.
Sub-contractor informs ES who they want to offer position(s) to.
ES completes all paperwork, (incl. SFA), & issues to sub-contractor.
Selected candidate receives BBA contract, (akin to agency contract), assignment details form, incl. details of pay, points of contact, length of placement.
Successful candidate officially signed up as an apprentice, (when SFA paperwork completed). Need minimum of 3 months experience on site for new apprentice - firm commitment needed by 'host employer'.
Once an apprentice has completed college side of things, just needs practical experience, which can be shorter periods of time on site.
BBA also recruits 'displaced' apprentices, who also just need practical experience.
ES links to local training providers offering flexible provision, so frameworks can be completed in shorter periods of time. additional notes on recruitment: delivery should be joined-up approach - everyone working towards outputs Performance Management: BBA oversees performance management.
Clear procedures in place to tackle underperformance.
Attendance at college part of employment contract; non-attendance considered a performance issue.
All apprentices have assigned specific assessor, who monitors their progress. Assessor = ES or is sub-contracted to local college.
Colleges will inform assessors of any issues early on.
Assessor & sub-contractor review progress together, every 8-12 weeks.
Assessor ensures host employer providing necessary range of experience on site.
ES makes clear to host employer 'limitations' of apprentices. contractual leverage not in place.
'commitments form' & other info not passed promptly to ES.
Not enough support by BU for ES
Contracts continue to be awarded to sub-contractors who don't deliver on commitments. Example:
Total people on site during construction phase = 1500.
Commitment to client is for 8% of workforce on site to be apprentices
= 120 weeks of apprenticeship training.
FTE = 1 apprentice as a minimum, where an apprenticeship is 2 years in duration.
Assessment Day:-
info on realities of working in construction industry, e.g. willingness to travel, to get dirty, to get up early.
specific trade-related assessments, e.g. colour blindness test, CITB assessment.
variety of questions to test aptitude, understanding, enthusiasm and commitment, ability to travel.
Most appropriate candidates selected for specific vacancy. Sub-contractors work with ES to identify & agree opportunities (vacancies)
ES produce 'vacancy spec' and pass to their Recruitment Team (RT).
RT post vacancy; NAS & BBA website, plus identified local agencies.
Application date closes - ES invite all applicants to an 'assessment day'. Types of Apprenticeships Aaron Thomas, 19 yrs old; Plastering Apprentice
Currently working in Knowsley
Starts work 7.30am
Catches his first bus 6.00am, second bus at 7.00am Jack Floyd, 18 yrs old; Carpentry & Joinery Apprentice.
New job in Warrington; 18 miles from home.
Now ride bike from home to station, catches train from station to Warrington, rides his bike to site. Richard McGlory, 18 yrs old; Plastering Apprentice.
Completed Prince's Trust 'Get into Construction' course, then offered BBApprenticeship.
He is the first person in his family to have EVER worked... About Economic Solutions:-
NFP delivery partner for BBA; selected by BBGrp, through competitive tndering process.
National Training Provider (although based in north-west)
National Training contract with SFA (Skills Funding Agency)
OFSTED Inspected
Currently delivering 10,000+ apprenticeships within UK.
http://www.economic-solutions.co.uk/about/history-of-the-group Higher apprenticeships also available, e.g. QS. BU's must be prepared to:
use contractual leverage with sub-contractors
not award future contracts to those who don't deliver on their agreed commitments
dedicate some resource ...
80% completion rates can be committed to IF you follow this process ... Written & produced by Sarah Powell
MANSELL April 2011
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