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Fairy Tale Frolics

No description

Katie Dowling

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of Fairy Tale Frolics

Fairy Tale Frolics
You and an assigned partner will re-wrtie a fairy tale and create a five themes of geography poster for that location.
First you will research the country that is assigned to you. You will pick a particular city and season for your story to take place in.
Once your poster and research is complete you will see Mrs. Dowling and receive your fairy tale. You and your partner will sit down and read the story outloud to each other.
Highlight and Change
Once you have read the entire fairy tale you will highlight and change information in your story (names, objects, etc.)
You will then re-write your fairy tale, revise it, and type a final draft using Prezi.
Next you will create a neat and organized poster for the five themes. Your poster must have pictures for each of the five themes.
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