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Hybrid Schools

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a e

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Hybrid Schools

students spend part of the academic week with online instruction, while the other portion is spent in the traditional classroom In the Indianapolis area, hybrid schooling would not be successful on account of the primary parent involvement. Traditional
Schools Virtual
Schools Hybrid
Schools Recommendation:
PROS What IS a hybrid school? Faculty Group 5 Joanna Nunley Anna Elzer Courtney Glass Abbi Schechner presented by Proposition:
Should we implement a hybrid model in our Indianapolis charter school?
course content is highly structured
highly qualified instructors
outperform traditional students on advanced placement test scores, overall grades, and achievement tests
a study in Washington even saw an increase in on-time graduation and preparation for college and workforce [Academic] C NS Hoosier Academy Student Demographics (2008-2009)
295 total: 147 Female, 148 Male
76% white
9% black
3% Hispanic
2% Asian
9% multi-racial
1% American Native "learning coach"
5-7 hours per day online
monitor and log online hours
parent contract K12 curriculum service
pre-made lessons
math lesson

Elluminate virtual sessions
3rd grade review session ISTEP scores below average
curriculum does not accomodate all learning styles
no extracurriculars
fine arts: art in school, music at home
inclusion lack of social interaction
students need more adult guidance
many students depend upon school for personal interaction with adults
balanced meals
requires EXTREMELY invested parents
provides flexibility and guided learning for students with unique learning styles
students often exceed standards of traditional academic accountability
students spend more time on task
serves higher percentage of minority and lower class students
promotes complex thinking due to more use of higher order thinking skills and reflective learning

[Student Impact] [Financial] more valuable option for tax payers
fewer fees associated with costs
Ohio: $8,347 per pupil --> $5,382 In the Indianapolis area, hybrid schooling would not be successful on account of primany praent involvement. References
eSchool News staff. (2008). First ‘hybrid’ courses; now a ‘hybrid school.’ Retrieved from http://www.eschoolnews.com/2008/07/23/first-hybrid-courses-now-a-hybrid-school/

Indiana Department of Education. Corporation Snapshot of Hoosier Academy. Retrieved from http://www.doe.in.gov/data/

Patrick, Susan, & Powell, Allison. (2009). A Summary of Research on the Effectiveness of K-12 Online Learning. Retrieved from http://www.k12.com/press__policy/resources_and_white_papers/

Toch, Thomas. (2010). In an Era of Online Learning, Schools Still Matter. Washington View, 91(7), 72-73.
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