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Sole of Buffalo

No description

Nikki Hitchcock

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Sole of Buffalo


January- March 2014
Apply for Josephine Good Year
Apply for Open Meadows
Collaborate with Bobby Burns event
Consider Thanksgiving Appeal
Major Goals
Receive Articles of Incorporation
Major Goals
Community awareness
SOLE of Buffalo
Raise funds for 1023 Application (501c3)
Submit 1023 Application (501c3)
Submit proposal to Sunday Soup
Continue follow up with state government
Begin inviting board members, electing officers
Work on 1023, the IRS form to become a not-for profit
April- May 2014
Begin e-newsletter, garnering attention with seasonal recipes
Incorporate SOLE branding into community events like International Dinners
Major Goals
Establish brand identity and communication
Inform the community of your vision
Continue to fundraise
June-August 2014
Creative fundraiser, including Buffalo food scene
Throw community fundraiser to celebrate 501c3 status
Add Donation Tab to Facebook
Open bank account and establish PayPal
Consider online fundraiser, like a night-out auction
Apply for JGY, if last proposal not accepted
Submit Grant to M. Edward Morris Foundation, Inc.
Develop strategic plan with board
Apply for David, Helen and Marian Woodward Fund
September-November 2014
Major Goals
Establish patterns for giving by engaging alternative fundrasing strategies
Organization structure and identity
Throw Holiday gift giving campaign
Submit Community Foundation LOI
Resubmit Open Meadows if not previously funded
Consider creative holiday themed fundraiser (cook book, pie auction, etc)
In 2015, begin approaching local banks for funding
December 2014- March 2015
Major Goals
Community awareness through creative events
Establishing a pattern of creative fundraising that the community enjoys and benefits from
Indie Gogo campaign for property purchase and renovations
Consider CSA Partnership program with farmers for next season
Establish pattern of e-communication to use in future fundraising and awareness campaigns
Research food companies for grant opportunities
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