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AB Crepes Marketing Plan

No description

Haley Herrin

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of AB Crepes Marketing Plan

AB Crepes 110614 Needs SWOT Analysis the 2010 population of bellingham, wa Marketing Plan Target Market Marketing Strategy Mission Marketing Objectives Financial Objectives Strategies Marketing Mix/Marketing Research Marketing Strategy Target Markets & Positioning Break Even Analysis Sales Forecast Expense Forecast Financials expense Controls

Haley Herrin
Allanah Hoobler
Dagem Adane
Tyler Silva
Igor Samoylenko Trends Growth customer service quality food unique atmosphere "on the go" 14,583 college student population strengths weaknesses opportunities threats We hope to expand the awareness of AB Crepes across Whatcom County and encourage the spread of positive word of mouth by delivering top quality crepes and an enjoyable atmosphere. Attract new customers while maintaining our current customer base.

Provide an image of quality and uniqueness to our consumers.

Present students with a place to go and get off campus Increase sales by 20%

Increase profit margin by 1% per quarter through efficiency and economy of scale gains

Achieve a rising growth rate students between the ages of 18 and 26 AB Crepes will position itself to serve
students and fit in with their lifestyles. AB Crepes is in the prime location, located only 1.2 miles from Western Washington University, the largest university in Whatcom County. revenue customer satisfaction Controls Difficulties and Risks

•Cost of renovation may take up most of the marketing budget.

•Target audience may be unfamiliar with the location of A B Crepes.

Worst-Case Risks

•If the marketing plan is unsuccessful but the business is still sustainable.

•If marketing plan is unsuccessful and the business is not sustainable. contingency planning Table 4.1

Break-Even Analysis

Average Sales Per-Unit $7.00

Average Per-Unit Variable Cost 41%

Estimating Monthly Fixed Cost 44%

Average Cost Per-Unit 85%

Average Per-Unit Revenue $1.05

Amount Set for Marketing Plan $5,000.00

Sales to Break-Even $33,333

Units to Break-Even 4,762

Months to Break-Even 4.7 % Monthly Sales Increase Projection College Students (70%)
Non-College Students (30%) Marketing Plan Completion WWU/WCC Outreach--$200 WWU stand--$800 Direct Marketing to Students--$1000 Renovation of Building--$3000 Owners tell their story
Stand on Vendor's Row
Dress up the Restaurant Price
Advertising College Students $24,916 $29,899

Non-College Students $10,678 $12,814

Monthly Sales Total $35,594 $42,713 2012 2013
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