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The mystery behind the "undead blood suckers"

Layla Al Hashimi

on 16 June 2013

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Transcript of VAMPIRES

The Mystery Behind the
"Undead Blood Suckers"

Many theories suggest they existed and still do!
Here are just a few PROOFS :
18th century Eastern Europe, incidents occured that caused the governments to hunt and kill.
1970 London, rumors spread that a vampire haunted Highgates Cemetry in London.
2002 Malawi Africa, attacks of vampires spread.
2012 Bulgaria, archaeologists find Bulgarian 'vampires' from middle ages with iron rods staked threw their chests.
Vampires existed for millions of years.
Nearly every culture around the world for centuries and in modern times have stories and folk beliefs of them.

However, almost all the vampires we know of today come from stories told in early 18th Century South-Eastern Europe.
What Causes you to
become a VAMPIRE?
Bitten by a Vampire
Premature burial of the dead
In Chinese and Slavic traditions any dead body jumped over by a dog or a cat became one of the undead.
Are Vampires Real or Not?
2000 BC
(cc) image by jantik on Flickr
Tomb of the Vampire is erected in Giza, Egypt
Vampire hysteria hits East
Prussia and Hungary
1428-1477 AD
Vlad Dracula
Prince Vampire from kingdom of Hungary (todays Romania)
TIMELINE of famous Vampires through History

Vampires can transform themselves into bats, insects and spiders.
They also can take your voice away, strength and beauty.
Vampires have limitations to their supernatural power and existence.

Most vampires have superhuman strength anywhere from 3 to 5 times.
They have hearing and night vision.
They have sharp fangs to puncture their victims necks and suck out the blood.
Vampires are considered one of the most powerful and
evil creatures that existed on Earth!
They have extraordinary Powers!
Here are a few:
Vampires do not age.
Vampires do not get sick.
They cannot be harmed by normal bullets or knives.
Hypnotic control
Vampires can control your mind and erase your memory by looking
at you in the eye.
They don't like garlic it keeps them away.

They can be killed by silver blade, silver bullet or a wooden stake through their heart.
They need fresh blood to survive every night.
They get very weak from the appearance of sunlight.
1897 Bram Stokers Famous book "Dracula"
1960s TV show, The Munsters and The Addams family
1980s Count Dracula- from kids show "Sesame Street"
2000s "Twilight Saga" Book and Movies (Edward Cullen)
2000s TV show "Vampire Diaries"
Cartoon "Hotel Transylvania"
Famous Vampires based on Fiction in movies and books
They don't reflect in mirrors.
Different Theories:
Super Human Strength
Do You Believe in Vampires?
I believe they did exist centuries ago.
However, I feel a lot of the powers and weaknesses listed earlier are based on authors and movie directors imagination.
As for today, in my opinion Vampires are simply Evil people that like the taste of Blood!

Examples of Real Vampires
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