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Building Successful Staff Development

A look at how Lorena ISD in Lorena, TX creates a staff development experience that is focused, meaningful, purposeful, engaging, intentional, and continuous.

Jessica Webb

on 1 February 2011

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Transcript of Building Successful Staff Development

Traits of Effective Staff Development Staff Development is:
Research Based
Ongoing and sustained
Supports large community and small group workgroups
Addresses the needs of teachers and students Relationships Relevance Rigor Reflection Relationships:
Supportive and caring environment
Invitation to learn
Known, valued and inspired
Key qualities to building relationships: Respect, Trust, Care, Optimism, Intentionality Retreats Conferences Teacher
Leaders Surveys District
Data Guest
Speakers Book
Studies Faculty Meetings
as Mini-Staff Developments Activities tied
to Book Studies Time to Share
Vertical &
Horizontal Resurvey &
Review Initiatives Relevance:
Connected with the “matter at hand”
Answers “Why do I need to know this?” Rigor:
Involves in depth mastery of challenging tasks through reflective thought, analysis, problem-solving, evaluation or creativity.
Quality vs. quantity
Deep immersion in a subject Reflection:
To recall, consider and evaluate an activity or process
Conscious recall and examination of an experience as a basis for evaluation and decision-making “If we don’t spend time reflectively thinking about our practice and re-examining our values, we are in danger of mindlessly accepting certain assumptions about teaching, about our role in the classroom, about our students….” Robyn Jackson Elementary: 

Meet the Needs of Targeted Students
Build Positive Relationships
Maintain Consistent Procedures Throughout the School Year Middle School:
Focus on Building Relationships with Students
Increase School Pride: Focus on Leopard Traits
Increase Communication (among all)
Build camaraderie and collegiality among staff
Improve instruction to meet the needs of all learners High School:
Build positive relationships with students, parents and community members.
Build school pride - "The Leopard Experience"
Improve staff morale/cohesiveness
Focus on rigorous and relevant curricululm
Extended learning opportunities (Aftter TAKS, Special Monthly Activities, etc.) Staff Development is not:
Random acts of improvement
One shot presentation
A "drive by" staff development Building

Staff Development Effective presented by:
Sandra Talbert &
Cheri Borchardt prezi created by:
Jennifer Grimm & Jessica Webb
Copyright 2011 Examples: Effective staff development
focuses on the same characteristics of effective teaching:
Reflection Themes
Tying it all together
06-07 Destination Greatness
07-08 Destination Greatness:the Journey Continues
08-09 Step up to Greatness
09-10 A Symphony of Greatness
10-11 Building for Greatness glen rose salado retreats teacher leaders rigor speakers book studies surveys teacher presentations conferences
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