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Half Caste

No description


on 6 October 2012

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Transcript of Half Caste

By Liam Haines Half Caste by John Agard The poem Halfe Caste is about a man called John Agard.
He had been discriminated in the past because of his race. People have called him bad racist names for example; "Half Caste" which is the name of the poem. What the poem is about. This is John Agard "But yu must come back wid de whole of yu eye,
an de whole of yu ear and de whole
of yu mind."
Here is a quote from the poem. AFLIRT
John Agard has a negative attitude in this poem towards people who have called him names in the past.
The poet uses small and big versus in the poem, this is because he want to empathize his meaning.
The poet uses words like " well in dat case" this is because he want the reader to sound the way that he speaks in his accent.
The poet gives an image in your head of John Agard being very angry towards people who have called him "Half caste".
The poem has a steady rhythm , and uses allot of repition as well as little rhyme.
The tone of this Poem is anger.
I think that this quote from the poem half caste is about people
only seeing the colour of John Agard and they intently
think bad. This is because he is different. John Agard
wants to been seen as if he is white, he wants to be treated
as if he is any other ordinary white man. What I think this quote means The key message behind this poem is to stop discriminating black people, as it hurts their feelings. People should treat/see them as if they are white. The key message behind this poem. Thank you for Listening to my poem review on Half Caste.
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