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Gays and Lesbians

What we as a society are doing in an effort to create equal rights.

Alvina Heath

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Gays and Lesbians

How Does shifting cultural norms,social interactions and innovation help to create the foundation for your social movement? GAYS AND LESBIAN How can "collective behavior" be applied to your social movement? What are the "stages" of our social movement? Which movement best describe
this social movement? What sorts of resistance did our
social movement encounter The stage known as the emergence or the birth stage is the idea that something needs to change how it pertains to our movement is the awareness of the gays and lesbians and how different they are treated by society The second stage is the coalescence also reffered to as the young adult stage is when groups are forming in order to make those changes in this situation they are known as the gay rights group. The third stage is known as the stage young adult or the bureacrazation when things are getting done such as the legalization of marriage in some of the states. Futility Futility is the claim that the reform cannot work
because the social problem is unsolvable.
One of the problems yet to be solved is gay marriage
Arguments against gay marriage would be; gay marriage would not work because the gay lefestyle is not something to be encouraged, a lot of research shows
it leads to a shorter life life expectancy and psychological
disorders and other problems, it could provide a slippery
slope in the legality of marriage (as in having MULtiple wives, and marrying objects) Perversity Jeapordy What were the Goals of our this
social movement equal rights
legalize gay marriage Did this social movement change
society Violence such as
Stonewall riots
crowds for gay pride marches
that took place a year later in
Campaigns Gay rights campaign
Human Rights campaign The Human Rights campaign is
America's largest civil organizations
working to achieve lesbian,gay, bisexual, and transgender equality. Symbolic interactionism Definetly made an impact
and had a lasting effect
Society has changed because now it
is accepted not completely but definetly more
Where as back then nobody talked about it just wasnt brought up. what made her stand out as a female
would be her
long hair
long nails
make up
high heels
dresses Gay rights only draws attention from more important issues
same sex marriage or gay rights vs Immigration
vs healthcare
vs gun control
vs environmental
vs education
vs death penalty
vs affirmative action
vs abortion
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