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No description

Fiona Gan

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of AIESEC Night

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more,
do more and become more, you are a leader.”
— John Quincy Adams So, what will you do now?
& Why You Should Join Us Who We Are, What We Do Practical Team Experience Access to Global Network Hard + Soft Skills Development TMP Grow Yourself What do you want to learn? What's Next ? TLP Get a Head Start Exclusive Leadership Training Programs Team Based Leadership Experience What if I want to go abroad ? Impact WIDEN your perspective Experience these abroad CREATE More international experience with... ositive Career Enhance your prospects Info Session/ AIESEC Night Allocation Assessment & Interview Induction Promotion How will I be allocated? Get To Know AIESEC's Structure
@ Sunway University more than 110 countries... Since 1948 2,100 universities World's Largest Student-Run Organisation 4,000 partners 16,000 global internships 20,000 leadership roles more than 60,000 members... 945,000 alumni Intense Learning Experience Challenge your boundaries Introducing... Our Structure LCP VP
Management VP
Marketing & Communications VP
Exchange VP
Exchange VP
Management VP
Finance &
Administration Talent
Director Talent
Director Talent Tracking
& Pipeline
Director Corporate
Executive Brand Assurance
& Creative
Director Internal Comm.
Director Sales & Marketing
Director EP Selection
& Preparation
Director EP Manager Corporate
Director Non-Corporate
Director Project Director Event
Coordinator Accounts
Officer Governance
Officer Leadership

begin with AIESEC
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