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The Butterfly Garden Project

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Christina Zuccaro

on 27 March 2015

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Transcript of The Butterfly Garden Project

The Butterfly Garden
The Grade 6 students
with your help
are designing a butterfly garden in the back lot over by the old basketball court.
The Goal
The over all goal of the butterfly garden project is to attract pollinators, such as butterflies and bees. About 1/3 of the human diet comes from insect-pollinated plants, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Our second objective is to design the layout of the garden. We have decided to start small and make the garden the size of the classroom, 30 ft X 30 ft or 900 ft squared. We are currently in the process of creating designs on grid paper. These designs include the walking path. The walking path will be two feet wide, 4 inches (0.33 ft.) deep, and X ft long. From these measurements, the students are calculating the volume of gravel that we will need to fill the pathway.
The Timeline
Objective 1
We are in the process of planting fruit trees around the perimeter of the garden. So far, we have planted one mango tree, two lemon trees, and we will plant a tangerine tree on Tuesday. All of these trees were started from seed. In containers, we have germinated the seeds for papaya, another mango, mountain apples, and more lemons.
We need more fruit trees! Please eat fruit and save your seeds to germinate.
Plant brightly colored flowers around the pathway
Our research has found that butterflies like flat topped flowers,
Objective 2
that they are attracted to bright colors like red,
that they like to go in little butterfly houses to breed.
Objective 3
We want to lay the path by the end of May and have flower planted by the end of June. To accomplish this task, we need your help.
Please donate
flowers and fruit trees and buckets, like plastic coffee containers. It is your backyard, help us make a beautiful place to spot and watch butterflies. Think about it...each year we can add to the garden to make it even more beautiful.
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