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Poetry: Be Good, Little Migrants.

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Michael Haratzis

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Poetry: Be Good, Little Migrants.

Poetry: Be Good, Little Migrants.
Poet: Uyen Loewald
Uyen Loewald was born in Vietnam in 1940 just before the vietnamese civil war. she was arrested in 1962 for resisting the Diem regime, she migrated to America then to Australia. Due to her being oppressed in Australia for being vietnamese, she wrote the poem 'Be good little Migrants'
The Poems Message
The poems message is that how we reject and offend migrants for who they are and how we reject their culture and how it is seen through the eyes of a migrant
Techniques Slide 2
The us of collective pronouns put's the poem in 1st person of a government, it puts a sense of seeing how the migrants see the government and what they do. an example of this can be seen with the use of 'Your', 'Our' and 'You'll'
Technique Slide 3
The repetition of the phrase 'Be good, little migrants' in conveying that the US forces the migrants to obey American laws.
Techniques Slide 1
Assonance's are used through the poem in order to keep a flow to exhibit the emotion in the particular part of the poem that they are used in. In the phrase 'Learn English to distinguish' at line 2 at stanza 5, It shows the demand for this language change
Technique Slide 4
Another technique in this poem are imperitives sug as the 'Bee good' This looks down at imigrants and makes them seem insignificant.
Technique Slide 5
The final technique is contrast such as 'We saved you from starvation, but dont be heard' this shows the futile efforts for the migrants to be accepted.
My Take
This poem is very heart stroking as it shows the rejection that migrants have suffered and that they deserve recognition as real australians and should be treated equally as if any other australian.
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