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isreal palistine


mary grace snyder

on 5 March 2010

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Transcript of isreal palistine

Israel palistine as you can see the palistiniens are teriffied of the isrealy army. even children throw rocks at tanks, some brave kid thoughs parents got the soldiers have to search even the kids back pack for guns and weapons. isreal solders idea #1
the confliced against isreal and palistine has been going on for eons 1700b.c. - Abriham led nomadic jews to canaan. Famine, forced to go to Egypt. 1300b.c. - Moses leads jews out of Egypt back to Canaan. 1020b.c. - first kingdom established. 950b.c. - king solomon builds temple in Jerusalem. 586b.c. - temple distroyed by Babylonians. 63b.c.- 313a.d. - Romans rule. 313-636a.d. - Bizantine rule. 1099 - 1291 - Crusader rule. 1291-1516 - Mamluk rule. 1516-1917 - Otloman rule. 1918-1948 - British rule. 1948 - state of isreal proclaimed. 1967 - War of Indepenence 6 day war. 1978 - peace treaty. 1987 - infada begins.
Time Line Idea#2
the isreal people beleive that they diserve the land of Canaan( isreal). bibliography
children of isreal childern of palistine.
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