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Persuasive Writing

This presentation will provide examples of the different techniques used in persuasive text.

Kari Chicas

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Persuasive Writing

By: Mrs. Chicas Persuasive Writing Persuasive Definition Why do we use
persuasive writing? Examples You Create! Persuasive Language Writers and advertisers use your feelings to get you to agree with them, in order to move you into action to support their view or buy their products. Emotional appeal techniques can be extremely effective in persuading the reader to act on a feeling.
As readers of persuasive writing, we must learn to recognize emotional appeals.
If we focus on the facts instead of the feelings, we will make a better decision about the writer’s opinion. Conclusion This model is Cindy Crawford, who is popular with older adults.
Advertisers use famous models to sell clothing because many people want to look as beautiful as the model. Snob appeal is a technique that uses the reader’s desire to be better than others and connects this feeling to the writer’s opinion.

“Better” can mean more beautiful, more athletic, smarter, or richer than the average person. This fellow seems like a normal, likable guy.
The text reads like he is talking directly to the reader.
Can you identify any other emotional appeals? Celebrities are often used to promote products.

The picture also uses another emotional appeal. Can you identify it? The testimonial technique uses a famous person or someone who looks like a normal, average person.
The testimonial tries to connect the writer’s opinion to the reader’s feeling about this person. The basic needs technique
tries to connect your need for
Safety and security
to agreement with the writer’s
opinion. Loaded Language
Basic Needs
Snob Appeal Writers and advertisers use many techniques to convince you to agree with them or buy their product.

An emotional appeal tries to make the reader connect the writer’s message with an important feeling. A word or phrase is "loaded" when it has a secondary, evaluative meaning in addition to its primary, descriptive meaning.

Examples- Unloaded/ Loaded
Plant/ Weed Animal/ Beast
If a mother reads the words “child abuse” in this ad what emotion do you think she will feel?
What could this feeling make her want to do? Don’t Be Square The loaded language
technique uses words
that cause a strong

Once the reader is
feeling strongly, he or
she may be more likely
to agree with the writer. Writers and advertisers use your feelings to get you to agree with them, in order to move you into action to support their view or buy their products. The bandwagon technique appeals to the reader’s need to belong and to do what everyone is doing. Should you by a product just because it is the most popular? This example came from an ad for a low fat frozen dinner. What basic need does it appeal to?
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