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Accreditation Orientation

No description

Freda Stevens

on 3 March 2016

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Transcript of Accreditation Orientation

Upon receipt of the Self Study Evidence, Green Apple will within 14 days send written notification to the candidate to proceed to the next step - which is to request the onsite visit OR update documentation.
Shot One !
Continual and Reaccreditation
Accreditation Process

Interested Program or organization (IO) contacts GAACS to inquire about the specific accreditation standards and procedures applicable to the program type.

The IO submits initial Application and Nonrefundable fee to Green Apple.

Accreditation Applications
Upon receipt of application, nonrefundable fee, and supporting documentation, Green Apple will review and approve the application package. A notice of Candidate Status, Self Study Evaluation, and Accreditation Manual will be submitted to the program within 14 days from the date of receipt.
Candidate Member participates in Accreditation Orientation.

Candidate member designates a staff member to put together the Accreditation File, and communicate with Green Apple.

Candidate Member completes the Self Study Evaluation and gathers supporting documentation for submission to the My GAACS Account.
Shot 2!
Green Apple Accreditation of Children's Services
Its Game Day!
GAACS Accreditation

Self Study
On-Site Visit
Final Determination
Continual Accreditation and Re-accreditation
Documents You Need!
Shot 3!

Within 10 days, from receipt of the on site visit request and nonrefundable fee, Green Apple will schedule the on-site visit.

An onsite visit is conducted at the member's facility to verify whether the program is in compliance with our standards and procedures. .

The visiting committee will make a written report and recommendation to Green Apple whether to 1) approve, 2) deny, or 3) defer accreditation pending further review.

Final Determination!
GAACS reviews all supporting documentation and makes the final decision to grant, defer, or deny accreditation within 14 days from receipt of the Visiting Committee’s recommendations, response(s) from the candidate member organization (if any), and Self Study Evidence.
Within 14 days of the decision to approve accreditation, Green Apple will forward the applicable certificate of accreditation, Notice of Accreditation Letter, and related certifications to the Member program.

The Accredited Member may advertise as a Green Apple Accredited Program upon receipt of written notification of accredited status.

If Green Apple's decision is not favorable or a recommendation is made to deny accreditation then the candidate member has 30 days to appeal the decision. Failure to appeal an adverse decision within 30 days shall constitute forfeiture of the right to appeal. If the Candidate Member timely appeals then a hearing will be scheduled within 45 days from receipt of the formal appeal.
Once accreditation has been received, to maintain accreditation, the Accredited Program must submit an annual report and applicable nonrefundable fee no later than June 30th every year with exception to the year of initial accreditation/re-accreditation.
Accreditation Orientation
Thank you and congratulations on furthering your accreditation process with
Green Apple Accreditation of Children's Services
If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at (954)-256-925 or send us an email at info@gaacs.org
Phase 3
Phase 4
Phase 6
Phase 5
Phase 2
Phase 1
Document Review
The site visit will include a document review of the program, employee, and student records. The validators are looking to verify the records to make sure the program is in compliance with accreditation standards and policies and procedures.
Classroom Observations
The visiting committee will conduct classroom observations to determine if the learning objectives are being met.
Interviews will be conducted with staff, parents, and/or children (depending on the ages). The intent of interviews is to determine satisfaction with services, to determine if written policies and procedures are adhered to, and to help the visiting committee get a feel for the overall culture of the organization or individual’s practice.
Exit Meeting
The Exit Meeting is intended to provide you with some initial general feedback and to assure all key staff and board members understand what to expect next. This also allows you to bring closure to this part of the process. The school staff will be provide a written copy of the inspection report and an opportunity to sign for the inspection report. Specific detail about how to make comments on the inspection report, deadline for making corrections, and so on will be provided during the exit meeting.
Entrance Meeting
The Entrance Meeting is the formal “kickoff” of the site visit. This is when the team is introduced to your Director/Principal, members of your governing body, executive staff, and other relevant staff who will be involved in the site visit. During this meeting, the Lead Inspector/Validator will review what can be expected over the site visit.
The walk-thru is where the visiting committee will tour the program's facility from the front door to the playground. The visiting committee will observe the facility for compliance with standards which are to be included in the physical plant of the facility.
What to Expect During a Site Visit
Overview of Green Apple
How to Find General Information
Types of Programs
Accreditation Process
How to Submit the Self Study
Final Determination
• (Approved/Deferred/Denied)
What to Expect During a Site Visit
Continual and Reaccreditation
Complaints & Self Reporting
Q & A

Green Apple Accreditation of Children's Services formerly Green Apple Association of Christian Schools, established in 2004, is a national, independent accrediting agency. Green Apple is a premier provider of accreditation for Child Care Centers/Early Learning Programs, After School Programs, Charter Schools, Private Schools, Substance Abuse Programs, and Residential Treatment Centers. Green Apple accredits programs in the United States, the Caribbean Islands, and around the world.
How to Find General Information
Overview of Green Apple
Green Apple accredits child care centers and early learning programs, after school programs, elementary and secondary schools, and behavioral health programs serving over 20,000 children throughout the United States and its territories.
General information for Green Apple Accreditation can be found on our website at www.gaacs.org under the Contact Us and About tab. Check out our upcoming events and advocacy section to get the latest news!
Step by Step Process
Types of Programs
After School Programs
Child Care Centers and Early Learning Programs
Nonpublic/Private Schools
Public/Charter Schools
Residential Treatment Centers
Substance Abuse Programs
How to Submit a Self Study
Sign into the Green Apple Accreditation Portal, and upload a PDF of your completed Self Study in accordance to the accreditation standards.
After School Programs
Enrichment Program/Out of School Time Accreditation is accreditation for:
a.) After School or School-age Programs,
b.) Before and After School Programs,
c.) Tutoring Programs, and
d.) Camp Programs
The accreditation process involves, Application, Self Study, On-site Visit, and Final Determination. Accredited Enrichment Programs are required to submit an annual report by June 30th every year with exception to the initial year and year of re-accreditation.

Enrichment Program accreditation is valid for three years. Within six months of the current accreditation expiration date, enrichment programs must reapply for accreditation to ensure there is no lapse in accreditation. Although the timeframe for the accreditation process varies from one program to the next, generally an experienced enrichment program may be accredited within six to eight months.
Child Care and Early Learning Program Accreditation
A member of Green Apple in good standing
Must be licensed by the State Licensing Authority, Local licensing agency, or License-exempt Approved
Must comply with all local, state, and federal laws
Must complete GAACS Self Study Guide within timeline
Adhere to the Step by Step Process
Green Apple Child Care Accreditation, once obtained is valid for three (3) years when once again, the child care provider must reapply for accreditation. Child care providers accredited by Green Apple must submit an annual report every year with exception to the year of initial/renewal accreditation. That means, the child care provider will submit an annual report the second year of accreditation.
Nonpublic and Private Schools
Eligibility Criteria:

In addition to being a Green Apple member in good standing, the private school must meet the following eligiblity criteria:

•Must be licensed, registered, or verified exempt from licensing/registration with the State Department of Education
•Must adhere to a nondiscrimination policy
•Must comply with local, state, and federal regulations
•Must adhere to Green Apple's Step by Step Process, Policies and Procedures, and Accreditation Standards

Accreditation Facts-

Green Apple Private School Accreditation, once obtained is valid for five (5) years when once again the private school must reapply for accreditation. Accredited private schools must submit an annual report to Green Apple on June 30th every year with exception to the inital year of accreditation and reaccreditation.
Public/Charter School Programs
Must be approved by and in good standing with the local school board or state department of education
Must comply with local, state, and federal regulations
Must adhere to Green Apple step by step process, policies and procedures, and accreditation standards
Accreditation is valid for 5 years
Annual Reports due no later than June 30th every year except the inital year and year of reaccreditation

Behavioral Health Accreditation Programs
Mental health diagnostic evaluation
Individual therapy
Family Therapy
Group Therapy
School based therapy and consultation
Behavioral Management Services
Psychological Testing
Community Referral and Consultation
Residential treatment centers and/or Substance Abuse programs providing help for youth with serious to serve emotional problems may be eligible for exemptions depending on the state where the program is located.
A provider's accreditation decision may be deferred for several reasons including: a.) allow clarification of it's program to demonstrate compliance, or b.) allow time for the program to complete a corrective action to meet accreditation standards. A remedial inspection may be required to demonstrate compliance.
Complaint Procedures
Q + A
From time to time, we receive complaints against member schools. Typically we will receive complaints from disgruntled parents or former employees. Whether the complaint is from a parent, former/current employee, the Early Learning Coalition, Family Central, the Department of Children's and Families, the Department of Education, media, or another agency, the complaint process is the same.

The complainant must submit the complaint in writing, include his/her contact information, along with as much details as possible.

Issues GAACS does not investigate:

Billing disputes
Matters in litigation
Complaints previously investigated and dismissed

We will conduct an investigation which may include an unannounced visit to the member school's facility (if the complaint is determined valid). Members will be notified and given the opportunity to respond to the complaint.
In this portion, we would like to field any questions you may have about the Accreditation Orientation.
The full Document List can be found once you log into your Accreditation Portal.
Lesson Plans
Class schedules
Interaction between children & staff
Lesson or Activity Format-
-Whole Class
-Small Group
Accreditation is valid for three years.
Remember to SELF REPORT any complaints that allege violations!
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