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Making the Most of High School

No description

Jacqueline Guilkey

on 19 January 2017

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Transcript of Making the Most of High School

Making the Most of High School
What's so different about High School?
To graduate you have to earn 24 credits
A credit is an assigned value given to a class/course
A year long course= 1 Credit
A semester long course= .5 Credit
What's Required for Graduation?
Preparing for College
Colleges strongly recommend 2 years of the same foreign language
Colleges strongly recommend 4 years of math (most require algebra I, geometry, and algebra II)

Consider what you would like to do for a future career and take courses that will prepare you for that field
Staying on track…
By sophomore year…6 credits
By junior year…12 credits
By senior year…17 credits
Graduation…24 credits!
Guided Study Hall
30 minutes, 4 days/week
Gold, Silver, Bronze Card Levels
Privilege Time
Homework help
Freshman Mentoring Program
First Quarter, then transition into card status
FMP tutors- upper classmen provide 1 on 1 support
Study Skills
Test-taking Strategies
Progress Reports
Every 3 weeks (card status can change)
At the end of the semester you receive a letter grade
If you fail a required course, must retake and pass before graduation
A+ Program
Tuition paid for 2 years at community college/tech school
3 consecutive years at A+ school
2.5 cumulative GPA
95% cumulative attendance
Proficient or above on Algebra I End of Course Exam
Good citizenship
No drug/alcohol possession/use
50 hours of tutoring (take tutoring class junior or senior year)
A+ Requirements
9th Grade Issues
Larger student population
New social environment
Pecking order
All students will take English I, World History, & PE
Choose between Algebra I, Algebra IA, & Geometry
Choose between Natural Science College Prep & Natural Science A
Choose 2 other classes, and 2 alternates
Discuss with parents & bring back Thursday
Next Steps
Freshman tours in the Spring
Freshman Orientation in August
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