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Managing Diversity in the Workplace and International Communication

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Avani Brahmbhatt

on 11 September 2012

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Transcript of Managing Diversity in the Workplace and International Communication

By: Avani Brahmbhatt
Period: 5th Managing Diversity in the Workplace and International Communication Diversity in the workplace means employing people without discrimination on the basis of gender, age and ethnic or racial background. Diversity Issues Gender
Experience 4 Areas of Diversity: Increased adaptability Benefits of Diversity Broader service range Variety of viewpoints More effective execution Ignoring Diversity Some of the consequences can include: Loss of productivity because of increased conflict Inability to attract and retain talented people of all kinds Complaints and legal actions Inability to retain valuable employees Resulting in lost investments in recruitment and training. Strategies : Managing Diversity in the Workplace Make sure that good faith efforts are made to recruit a diverse applicant pool. Ensure that appropriate accommodations are made for disabled applicants. Know your own biases. Specify the need for skills to work effectively in a diverse environment in the job Appearance: India Men are generally expected to wear a suit and tie for business, although the jacket may be removed in the summer. Women should wear conservative dresses or pantsuits. When dressing casual, short-sleeved shirts and long pants are preferred for men; shorts are acceptable only when exercising. Women must keep their upper arms, chest, back, and legs covered at all times. Behavior: Never point your feet at a person. Feet are considered unclean. If your shoes or feet touch another person, apologize. Gifts are not opened in the presence of the giver. If you receive a wrapped gift, set it aside until the giver leaves. Communications: There are more than fourteen major and three hundred minor languages spoken in India. The official languages are English and Hindi. English is widely used in business, politics and education. Titles are very important. Always use professional titles. Appearance: Canada Plan for a very cold climate, especially during their winter. New or trendy clothing is a poor choice. Older, classic clothing that is clean and neat is more valued. Choosing quality, natural fibers for your wardrobe will give you this look. Quality leather shoes are important to completing this look. Behavior: Taking a business associate to a nice meal or an evening sporting event, play, or symphony is always a nice gesture. Be punctual for meetings and appointments, as promptness is valued. Communications: Use a firm handshake with good eye contact when meeting and leaving. English is spoken in most of Canada. French is spoken in Quebec, and some area of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Appearance: Great Britain Business attire rules are somewhat relaxed in England, but conservative dress is still very important for both men and women. Businesswomen are not as limited to colors and styles as men are, though it is still important to maintain a conservative image. Behavior: Always be punctual in England. Arriving a few minutes early for safety is acceptable. When socializing after work hours, do not bring up the subject of work. Communications: Loud talking and disruptive behavior should be avoided Often times ordinary vocabulary can differ between the two countries. China Appearance: Conservative suits for men with subtle colors are the norm. Casual dress should be conservative as well. Behavior: Personal contact must be avoided at all cost. Do not point when speaking. Communications: Appointments are a must for business. Being on time is vital in China. Italy Appearance: Men should wear fashionable, high quality suits. Women dress in quiet, expensive elegance. Behavior: "Time is money" is not a common phrase in Italy. Avoid giving anything in a quantity of 17, as 17 is considered to be bad luck, or a doomed number. Communications: Italian is the official language, although there are many diverse dialects. Avoid talking about religion, politics, and World War II.
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