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CAFE Reading & the Independent Reading Model

Overview of how CAFE reading is implemented and used at Aitken Creek Primary School

Rebecca Spink

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of CAFE Reading & the Independent Reading Model

@ Aitken Creek Primary School
Compiled by Bec Spink
CAFE Reading
& the Independent Reading Model
CAFE is:
a menu or visual organizational tool
a system for assessment
a guide for instruction
I can find out about new words
Get started right away
Stay in one place
Work quietly
Read the whole time
Increase stamina
Select and read just right books
Practise whole class focus and reading goals
I understand what I read
I can read the words
I can make my reading sound good
Extended Vocabulary
Ask yourself these questions:
What are you teaching?
How are you delivering your instruction?
How do you use assessments to inform your instruction and improve student learning?
1. Identify what is to be taught.
2. Set learning intentions and success criteria.
3. Teach / model the strategy through shared / modelled reading.
4. Select a student to write and illustrate the CAFE Menu strategy card.
5. Review the strategy.
6. Students practise during independent reading.
Whole Class Focus
Independent Reading Model
Interactive Menu / Ready Reference Guides
Strategy Groups
The Pensieve:

Keeping Track
Conferences / Strategy Groups
Using Evernote to keep assessment records
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