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Maher Khelifa

on 15 April 2010

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Zayed University
Undergraduate Research Scholars Program Executive Overview Destined to Lead UAE Strategic Priorities UAE Major Directions 8 Promote and enhance innovation, Research & Development Rationale UAE Strategic Priority

"Prepare citizens for a competitive Knowledge Economy"
"Promote and enhance innovation, research and development"

NRF Objective
Research education and training, and careers: contribute to high-quality research education and raining, and foster career opportunities for early career researchers, particularly UAE nationals. Build local research capacity ZU-URSP Objectives Program Module Expection for Enrollment Sustainability Career Path Effects and Measured Outcomes Exceptional Students New Horizons Provide the formal framework to build student research capacity.
Promote high quality student research and scholarly culture
Prepare exceptional students for graduate school and careers in research.
Program Objectives 1: provide Emirati women at ZU with the research training, scholarly opportunities and related experiences to be successful in research careers and graduate education

2: increase the number of Emirati women prepared for, and entering graduate school

3: build the capacity for Emirati citizens to conduct research on issues that are directly related to the U.A.E.
Summer Research Institute 2010:
Junior Year Academic Activities
Summer Research Institute 2011:
Senior Year Academic Activities
Tangible Outcomes 1.Results on Pre and Post Knowledge of Research Skills Assessments

2.The completion of research activities and scholarly experiences (completed research study, presentations at conferences, and publications)

3.The number of scholars who enter graduate schools within two-years of graduation from ZU

4.The number of scholars who select research related careers in the U.A.E.
1. the background and experiences of project director Dr. Janet Y. Thomas and associate director Dr. Maher Khelifa.

2. Establishment of program will not require substantial funding.

3. Attractiveness of program among students and faculty

Cohorts of 10-12
program to serve 22 students maximum per year Budget Thank you for listening
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